Small Press Idol 2007: Vote for ‘The Eternal Dusk’!

In this year’s Small Press Idol competition, a friend of iFanboy has an entry — The Eternal Dusk by Jeff Fox.

It’s a great idea, with some good designs — so do us a favor and if you dig his work, head over and vote and let’s get the iFanboy faithful to help push Jeff into round 3! (Registration required — just register and post “yes” to record your vote) He only needs 30 votes or so to get into the next round.

This contest seems like a lot of fun and it’s really cool to see independent/small press creators putting themselves out there and interacting with their community.

Good luck Jeff!


  1. Good luck Jeff.

  2. Thanks Dave and thanks Ron for posting this. Your help is appreciated. There’ll be more to come on this book down the road too. In the meantime, please vote a big YES for the Eternal Dusk. 🙂


  3. You’ve got my support, brothah!

  4. Thats at least 5 ifanboy votes so far, and the power of ifanboy continues to grow.
    Prettty soon we’re gonna be picking the next president here!!! hehe

  5. I’m glad that Orius Penchoe “Arcane” is in the title, because I’m put off by series without strong male leads as well as female.

    The title looks great and if put out I’ll be on board.

  6. “Registration required”?

    Tony Stark strikes again!

  7. Thanks for you’re votes guys and the support. ED failed to qualify for Round 3, but I plan to continue producing the prequel issue regardless. I will keep Ron in the loop as I do and please keep watch on the Web site as I’ll be updating regularly. Thanks again everyone.