VIDEO: Limey Penguin, Juiced Up Grundy and More in the New Clip from BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

Right, right. Oswald Cobblepot of the East End Cobblepots. 

Here's another look at the Paul Dini scripted Batman: Arkham City, featuring character introductions for the Penguin and a juiced up Solomon Grundy. And according to the good blokes at Comics Alliance and Entertainment Weekly, we can also look forward to seeing Talia as voiced by Castle's Stana Katic! 

They're not pulling any punches with this game. I shudder to think how massive the inevitable third installment might be. Arkham County? Arkham Planet? 


  1. Arkham Sector?  In which case, does that mean we get Green Lantern Corps cameos in the next game?

  2. I am SO BUYING THIS! The fighting looks amazing. Didn’t expect a Cockney accent on Penguin, though.

  3. This is going to be a masterpiece of a game if the story and gameplay all pull off with all the pieces they’re dealing with.

  4. “Wak wak wak, guv’nor!”

  5. Yeah that accent was unexpected…but I can live with it. I wonder why they didn’t get the original voices for the Penguin and Two-Face from the series, though.

    And I don’t know if there will be a third…at least not one with Joker because this was stated as Mark Hammil’s last Joker project.

    But, I love it and I can’t wait. I think I’ll prime myself by replaying Arkham Aslyum… 

  6. Nice, hell even the look of this ‘new’ Penguin makes sense.

    Can’t wait for this! 

  7. Soooo… Jeph Loeb is the Penguin, huh?