VIDEO: CNN Discovers AXE COP, Surprisingly Sort of Gets It

A while back, CNN ran a brief piece about the much beloved Axe Cop comic series. The video is now available online. Though it isn't showing us much of anything new, it's alway a little fascinating to see how the mainstream reacts to the nonsense we get up to each and every day.

Our favorite part is when they don't bring on experts in education and psychology to tell us why this is all horribly wrong and the kid needs to be saved from all this barbarism. Because if you know and love Axe Cop you already understand that it isn't about the Axe. It's about the people. Turning into produce and prehistoric animals. 


Read more about Axe Cop in that interview I always like to link to. Because it's a fascinating story. 


  1. The reporter’s analysis of what’s wrong wtih the current comic market offerings was my favorite part.

  2. pretty rad….

  3. @josh  Ha, that was great.

  4. They use focus groups for comics?!?

  5. the media in your country is terrible on most levels but at least they mentioned a comic book once

     and, yes, i know, comics are media too. i’m talking about your main stream crap

  6. @edward  Feeling kind of opinionated today, aren’t we?

  7. Nice that didn’t turn into a whole rant on why everything is bad for kids. Like that ad showing the boy with painted toenails. Good grief people need to stop being so anal with kids.

    Back on topic, I do love how the reporter is trying to make sense of it all.

  8. @josh  opinionated AND uninformed

  9. @edward  At least you’re following through.

  10. @josh  i form a lot of my views based on the “vibe”, you know?

  11. How do I get on one of these focus groups? I had no idea comics were mass marketed and focus grouped and stuff, I’m surprised they can do that when sales for most popular books are in the 10s of thousands and which focus group said more deadpool because we need to cull that group of people from the herd.

  12. Gene Frenkle: I’m standing here, staring at comics legend Bruce Dickinson!

    Bruce Dickinson: The cock of the walk, baby!

    Gene Frenkle: And if Bruce Dickinson wants more Deadpool, we should probably give him more Deadpool!

    Bruce Dickinson: Say it, baby!

    Gene Frenkle: And, Bobby, you are right – I am being selfish. But the last time I checked, we already have a whole lot of comics that feature Deadpool.

    Bruce Dickinson: I gotta have more Deadpool, baby!

    Bruce Dickinson: “Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more Deadpool!!”

  13. @mikegraham6  The grand majority of people that read mainstream comics are middle aged males. You can consider it a huge a focus group since everything is targeted at that audience.