VIDEO: A Closer Look at the GREEN LANTERN Movie on Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight featured a quick tease of the upcoming Green Lantern movie featuring Ryan Reynold's CG costume in motion. Here's a look. (Don't blink or you might miss Kilowog!)



The full preview airs on Tuesday, but I'm guessing you have some thoughts.  


  1. It seems they cut that trailer together to make it look more like a comedy than it is.

    At least, I hope so.

    Kilowog actually looks pretty amazing. I’m looking forward to this.

  2. Okay, I have to admit.  That looks pretty awesome.

  3. His mask looks weird

  4. Kilowog was my first thought as well.  He looks sweet.  I think the amount of CG with the costume is going to annoy me, but if the movie is good I’ll get over it.  We’ll see.

  5. They’re shooting for an Iron Man tone here. Not a bad plan. 

  6. Is the guy Hal is talking to Tom "hopefully-not-called-Pieface-in the movie" Kalmaku? Cause that would be pretty cool.

  7. ah, Pie-face is the best

  8. Paul nailed it with the Iron Man tone. Is Ryan as cool as Robert though? Not sure if he has the charisma. Haven’t seen anything he has been in though.

    Kilowog looks cool.

  9. @hakaider – According to IMDB, yes. That’s Tom. 

  10. The CG costume is a little ‘meh’, I’m sure a spiderman esque suit woulda been fine but overall it looks pretty cool. There was a giant fist! I figured the rings were just gonna shoot green lasers.

  11. The CG suit will take some getting use to but I can’t wait to see the trailer in HD to get a better look at it all.

  12. @ScorpionMasada Ryan Reynolds oozes charisma.  He could charm the pants off of any man, woman or child.  Just trust me on this.

  13. This got me very excited until I saw the last 3 seconds. Seemed like really weak CG. The mask and costume looked a little too bright green. I hope that isn’t the final cut of that scene with full effects. Maybe they’re still polishing it some more to look good on the big screen.

    I did love when the suit first appeared on him, that was pretty cool.

  14. I liked most of the CGI, but the construct of the fist looked a little iffy.

  15. Loving it! 😀

  16. I hope they are still working on the effects, the suit looks kinda ghetto compared to the Iron Man suit special effects

  17. Im not feeling it :

    Oh well

  18. Cool. He doesn’t need to charm my pants off, but he needs to charm me into believing he is Hal Jordan.

  19. And it is probably not a good idea to be charming the pants off kids . . .

  20. Too much cheeseball Ryan Reynolds, not enough Hal Jordan.

  21. i dunno about that CGI suit looks very 90s low budget…although it could be the youtube effect.

  22. The most beloved super hero of all time?

    The only thing that looked cool to me was Kilowog.  Hopefully it was just a weird cut because for now I am not that excited. 

  23. @medz – "One of the most"

  24. Keep in mind not to judge all the CGI right now, it’s not finished material. Much like when Iron Man pro-mo material came out at SDCC years ago, by the time the movie comes out. It looks great. So for anyone thinking "The CGI doesn’t look great" keep in mind. Not done. 

  25. That sure was a sweet ass giant green boxing glove.

  26. @ScorpionMasada probably not, but no one ever said oozing charm was easy.

  27. Thought it was pretty awful myself…

  28. Not sure how I feel about the movie so far. I really want to like it, but nothing I’ve seen so far has me excited for it at all.

  29. I met the dude who plays John Stewart today at the Austin Comic Con. He’s there promoting Battle: Los Angeles.

    (channeling Cartman)
    Now, wants to touch me? I SAID WHO WANTS TO F–KIN TOUCH ME?

  30. Oh yeah, forgot to say, he’s a pretty nice guy. Smaller than what I’d imagine for Stewart.

  31. Yes it’s a couple of seconds but I think the redesigned costume looks pretty good in motion. Although the domino mask seems to be a bit too large.

  32. Can’t wait for the HD trailer. The only hero Reynolds might have been more suited to play would’ve been Barry Allen, maybe.

  33. I just wet myself.  And with 7 months or so left til its release, I imagine they are still working on effects etc – fear not brothers, this is going to be awesome.

  34. Not bad so far I will reserve judgement until a better trailer comes out, but yeah Paul might be right, if everything goes well with this movie than this could be DC’s Iron Man-like successful movie right here. Especially if Ryan Reynolds has a good grasp on the character of Hal Jordan. Let’s See.

  35. Looks good, a little more humorous than I was expecting, but I’m still interested in see it…. quite a lot actually 🙂 can’t wait for the trailer next week before part 1 of the new harry potter

  36. Looks like something I would enjoy seeing. And I’m sure nerds around here will cry about how wrong they got it. This movie is not for you, you are too hindered by canon and continuity. And you whine about everything. I for one, will probably leave the theather with a smile on my face. And so will millions of people. Fun movie.

  37. It looks like his constructs arn’t as attached to the ring as we normally see, almost look kind of smoky to me.

  38. The CG costume seems weird, but it may look better on a digital movie screen as opposed to a grainy YouTube video.  I like the Iron Man tone for the movie though because it will make it more appealing, and thusly a bigger hit (hopefully).

  39. This looks alright but my excitement for it is just behind Thor which is slightly behind Captain America.

  40. Promo material avoidance begins now.

  41. Loved the suit pop-on.  Seems like a good direction.

  42. He looks orange but I’m hoping that’s just the youtube quality. This didn’t sway me either way in excitement level. I’ll be seeing it in the theater no matter what.

  43. It’s a thirty second Youtube clip. Nitpicks are not allowed. Negativity is too damn high.

    I cannot wait for this movie. Nothing about this clip has changed that. I am hungry for more.

  44. wassup with the curley

  45. So that suit doesn’t look as bad to me as everyone first said. However, the mask looks a little weird to me. Too bright maybe but that just a personal preference.

  46. I think the CGI is going to annoy me, All I can do is Hope the movie will be good.

  47. I approve.

    (This is the only way I can articulate my positive feelings without mashing the keyboard.)

  48. Looks like it’s gonna end up somewhere between Ghost Rider and Fantastic Four 2. Maybe somewhere around Daredevil territory?

  49. I sort of wish this didn’t have to be the obligatory origin story. Be fun to just jump right to a Rebirth type story…set in a world where GL already exists. 

  50. all will be well

  51. i think it looked awesome!

  52. well, that looks horrible and makes me think comics are for repressed man-children, personally.

    Also, Pie-face is actually a film director from New Zealand. He did some of the flight of the Concords episodes and a movie called Eagle vs Shark. he’s a very funny dude  

  53. I wish that Entertainment Tonight wasn’t the preferred way to introduce footage of these films to the public.  Why can’t they just release a trailer?  Do the masses really get more excited with lots of canned fawning from the anchors?


    That said, the suit looks better than I thought it would, Kilowog looks cool, but I’m not a fan of frat boy Hal Jordan.  Sure, I get that he’s a cocky jerk, but can’t I’m expecting something more like Maverick from Top Gun than standards Reynolds shtick.   

  54. This is a YouTube quality preview of a preview where Blake Lively is billed ahead of Reynolds, for Entertainment Tonight. Not exactly aimed at us, so take it for what it’s worth. At least reserve judgement for a full trailer. I think saying Reynolds is playing it like a frat boy, when we’ve only heard two lines from the flick, is jumping the gun a bit.

  55. I didn’t see anything in there to dampen my enthusiasm.  I can’t wait to see a better trailer, however.

  56. Looked pretty good. I like that they are going to use ring constructs. We all on here are going to see it no matter what, we are all into comics and these movies.

  57. Not too long ago, I saw Reynolds in a Green Lantern costume that: a) wasn’t CGI and b) looked more like John Stewart’s; the symbol was smaller and higher on the chest and wrist bands, not gloves. Has anyone else seen it?

  58. That clip suggests the tone of a children’s movie.

  59. @CaeuZokul: I saw that too. It was just a fan-made thing. In my opinion, the movie suit is much better.

  60. Just release this…on betamax. It’ll be less painful.

    Make it a box set with Thor, Captain America and Avengers. Betamax, it’s the only format it should be on.

  61. Can’t stand Ryan Reynolds, but Green Lantern is too awesome to not give the film a chance.

  62. I agree — too much ryan reynolds, not enough hal jordan.

  63. I haven’t seen enough stuff with Reynolds to decide on how he’ll be as Hal.

  64. I was going to wait to comment until I see the full trailer but right now, with what little we’ve seen, it looks like they might have nailed it.

  65. Kind of reminds me of Hercules The Legendary Journerys you know? Or My Secret Identity.

  66. it’s difficult to say either way because it has the ET insanely insipid voice over 

  67. The current slate of coming comic book movies really do not look like a concept that’s entering it’s second decade of success. Ring fingers crossed.

  68. This makes me hyped. Can’t wait for the full trailer.

  69. Damn, I hope those were unfinished scenes!.

    The suit doesn’t look alien at all.  It looks fake!.  I’ve seen better fan made suits on photoshop.

    The other thing is that it doesn’t look like Hal Jordan nor Green Lantern at all.  It looks like Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Reynolds with a bad photoshop GL suit.

    I had hopes for Ryan Reynolds take another direction (for once) with a character and make justice to the character but no such of luck.  

    I’ll wait for the full trailer, but these short seconds scream "bad campy movie".