Veteran Disney Animator Creates Superman Fan Animation

If there's one thing I love, and miss, about old cartoon movies and shows, it's the aesthetic created by traditional hand-drawn animation. Well, this past Sunday, veteran Disney animator Robb Pratt, who's works include  Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, created a one-minute short film, titled Superman Classic, that's a multi-layered homage to the various men of steel using hand-drawn animation and digital effects. This super short pays tribute to the tropes of the classic golden-age Superman adventures which include Superman fighting giant doomsday robots, witty banter between Lois Lane and timid Clark Kent to the flare of a grandious orchestral soundtrack. On top of all that, John Newton, known for his titular role in the 80's Superboy, is the voice Clark Kent making Pratt's efforts a giant fanboy success. 

Once the short ends, dont stop watching as the second half of the posted video is a behind-the-scenes look and explination to the making of Superman Classic with the director. 



Now here's to hoping this is the first of many to come!


  1. Old school awesomeness! wow Loved the “feel” but sad it was too short.

  2. Wow!  I want more!  =D

  3. Great animation, in an age where everything is CGI a classic take on superman reminded me of my childhood

  4. This is just great. Really has the feeling of old school animation. 

  5. This was great and I loved the hand drawn animation but…

    Last I checked Disney owned Marvel, not DC. I wonder how will this go down with Disney big wigs if he was using company property and equipment. 

  6. This won’t sell nearly enough tickets. Better add in some post-production 3D

  7. I don’t like it..why does everyone have to abuse the giant robots? Why don’t they ever try to reason with the poor guys?

  8. @tomstrong21  – Dude… it’s a classic superman!!! post-WW2 superman fought robots!!!

  9. @debaser17  – Why fuck it up with 3D… it’s a classic look and that makes it great

  10. I want more!

  11. This is so cool! Is there any way I can support him so he can do more of this?

  12. I want to see so much more. Favorit!

  13. hoho man! I felt like I was a little kid again watching all those animated Disney movies

  14. 2D remains better than 3D when it is done well.  But that’s just me.

  15. oh man good old fashioned hand drawn animation! 

  16. Love this!

  17. aweSOME

  18. superb job I hope there will be more…

  19. objection your honour!!, he said it’s hand-drawn but he’s using computers?? no no no!!


  20. @drunkyoda  I believe their responses were sarcastic, but i could be wrong. 

    Want More!

  21. A Disney animated Superman feature film would rock.

  22. This is amazing.  Warner Bros. should contact him to do this full time.

  23. Awesome! I want more! How about a Batman one? Or a crossover? Really reminds me of the Fleischer cartoons, which I love.

  24. Hand drawn animation, or as I call it REAL animation, will never be topped by CG animation. Hand drawn has more emotion and motion, it’s more fluid and the expressions are conveyed better. This is a great example but you can go back to the old Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and see animation that, even more than 50 years later, puts ‘modern animation’ to shame.

  25. Anyone know the font they used? I like the font.

  26. Great Scott, that was awesome.  I like how the robot steps on Supes in the phone booth.  Out of all the phone booth in Metropolis, you stomped the wrong one, big guy

  27. Loved the weak bladder line.  Very funny.

    Really nice animation and a true testament to the character in that any interpretation, if faithfully done, has the power to win over fans.  Really cool.