User Reviews Will Be the First Into Berlin

By God, we shall kick them in the Goddamned butts, if that’s what we need and charge over the Rhine, stopping for nothing but to crush the Hun along the way.  In order to do so, we’ll need skilled and helpful comic reviews, not unlike those carried by Hannibal or Caesar before him.

changingshades knows that, not since that son of a bitch, ol’ Monty himself has a field commander so badly wounded a standing army from its own side as Jeph Loeb on Ultimatum #5.  It does beg the question why one would consider reading all of them.  Story 1 / Art 4

Anyway, our long national nightmare is finally over. Or at least given a brief reprieve until Loeb gets his hands on something else. I am convinced now more than ever that Loeb is working for DC in order to destroy Marvel. This issue read more like an excuse to kill people than any sort of real plot but it was still half a step better than the rest of the series because Finch did a wonderful job on the art.

vadamowens understands the value of a good man, with a good sword in battle.  Like General Bradley, we had Sven, but other men, good Goddamned men, do the job as well.  Just look at Northlanders #19Story 5 / Art 5

The fact that Brian Wood has swayed from the initial Sven story line is cool in that he has been able to show different aspects of life in different regions during this time.  Initially, I didn’t like that we wouldn’t be seeing more of Sven (this is before I found out about the 2nd arc with him in it) but Wood was able to sell me.

Bedhead feels much as I did, when looking over the site of the Battle of Carthage, when talking about Stuff of Legend #1Story 5 / Art 5

This gorgeous comic starts out as Toy Story and ends up as the gospels re-imagined as the (toy) battle over a little boy’s soul—that’s a hell of a transition, and it makes for a hell of a read. The unfortunately, punnily named The Stuff of Legend begins with that tired cliché that toys are real when your young and not looking. We’re in the midst of World War II, and the closet boogeyman has just kidnapped the son of a Soldier serving on the Western front.

StorytellerSJK loves The Muppet Show: Treasure of Peg Leg Wilson in much the same way as I love killing the enemy, both in the current great conflict, and many battles of the past, such as Waterloo, Troy, and Hastings.  Story 5 / Art 5

This wonderful little comic is the perfect antidote to any bad day a person might be having. This issue is this first Muppet Show comic to introduce plot threads (3 to be exact including normally manic Electric Teeth Drummer Animal’s new attitude) that will play out over the course of the four issues as opposed to the previous mini-series completely stand alone tales.

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It’s one thing Ike never understood, straight up to the final days, but a fighting force needs comic reviews.  It needs all of them.  Do not continue unarmed.


  1. Stuff of Legend sounds like a really cool idea.  I might have to seek this out when I go to the shop this week.

  2. I always get love in this post 😀

     Of course I honestly think my Ultimate Spiderman review was more awesome, but I appreciate the love 

  3. is it love or is Josh wondering why you bought such a terrible comic?

  4. I well,y’know, LOOK OVER THERE


    *runs, dives out window*

  5. I don’t tend to highlight books we talked about in the show. You also write 800 reviews a week.

  6. "I’d rather have a divion of reviews in front of me, than a division of French behind me."

  7. I think changingshades, thenextchampion, and akamuu account for roughly 75% of the reviews posted on the site (and good on ya). The law of large numbers basically requires that Josh highlight at least one review from one of those three each week (even if he were to try not to).

  8. If anyone’s curious, I tend to avoid reviews that are overly short, reviews with a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, reviews that have a lot of swearing in them for no reasons, and reviews that are very middling and don’t really have a strong opinion.  I also avoid rants.

  9. Also, Unoob wins.

  10. Wait, wait, wait. You can win?

  11. I hate losing before I even knew I was playing…damn.

    Stuff of Legend was amazing.  If you can get a copy of it, check it out.  It reminds me of Toy Story, but far more serious.  Plus it has a puppy in it.  Who doesn’t love puppies?  Commies…that’s who.

  12. @josh: That doesn’t explain earlier reviews you highlighted for me. Lot’s of rantin and cursin in there. 🙂 (and spelling errors, which I am trying to do better at)

    "Now I want you to remember that no bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

  13. I wish one of my reviews had got featured!!

    Wait.  Did I even type one up this week?

  14. @TNC – See my first post for a possible reason why some of your reviews were highlighted. SUMMARY: They are unavoidable.

    Also, you actually write solid reviews from time to time. 

  15. @stuclach: Thank you! I think….no yes thank you 🙂

    I am happy to be apart of a group with Akamuu and changingshades. Those guys do a lot more reviews then me though. Although I think I make it up by doing random issues and trades from time to time.

    Like right now, doing two reviews.

  16. Thanks again Josh:)  You guys sounded lethargic on the Sunday show .

  17. Thanks Josh! That spell cheker I got is finally paying off.  

  18. Wha do u maen i mak spellin mistkaes?

    I reveiw is perfekt!

    (Sadly this is how most of my reviews read -_-;)

  19. @TNC There is an edit review function. Go gussy it up before Josh sees it. 😉

    Yay! Good reviews. As Josh points out, they don’t like to double up the reviews on the show and that is often my problem. I need to be moved to review something. It needs to be better or worse than my conception of what it will be. Something like Batman and Robin won’t be reviewed unless it completely tanks. JSA this week on the other hand… well.. yeah. My only spotlit review (so far) has been for the week that Star Trek: Countdown #3 came in in kicked the ass of every other book I read that week. 

  20. @Prax: *pfft* Preview function? What type of wuss uses that? I go in all raw baby; uncut and in your face! 🙂

  21. This war can’t be won with user reviews alone. We can all do our part on the homefront: BUY WAR BONDS!