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Get ready for action, bullets, and boobs!  And stay tuned for celebrity appearances too!  Also comic book reviews.  Come with me if you want to live!  It’s not a tumor!

Templar is allowing the goodness of Joe Kelly’s smooth words wash over him with Amazing Spider-Man #596, which isn’t really all that unlike a three-way.  Story 5 / Art 4

Even early on in this arc, I have to say that this writing is brilliant. All too often, in favor of big action beats and perilous cliffhangers, a writer often discounts the powers, skills and resources at the disposal of the protagonist. In this case, I really feel like Kelly sat down and figured out what Peter would do if he had to come up with a plan to infiltrate Avengers Tower, had sufficient prep time and actually remembered that he had friends with access to the sweet fruits of super-science. It’s a very simple, often taken for granted thing, but this kind of sensical and “realistic” plot is a sign of an intelligent, even-handed and patient writer. Color me impressed, Mr. Kelly.

changingshades (who reads more comics than literally anyone) has to destroy the terrorists using a chainsaw/rocket launcher mounted on a flying motorcycle.  He also really liked Scalped #29Story 4 / Art 4

I love the main character, because I cannot think of a more deeply flawed person that I have ever rooted for. He’s in such a horrible position and it is so obvious he can’t deal with it. Telling his girlfriend what he’s going to at the end of this issue is pretty much signing his own death warrant. If not now, then the next time she’s in a pissed off mood at him. I’m a fairly large fan of cop dramas and this is one of the best we’ve had in a a while, and we’ve had some really good ones in recent history.

OH MY GOD!  It’s TV’s Erik Estrada!

Whew!  That was amazing!

John42 does his level best to explain the surreal insanity that is Seaguy Slaves of Mickey Eye #3, while battling a crippling methamphetamine addiction, and fighting off gang members.  Story 5 / Art 5

Che Guevara as Puff the Magic Dragon! The quickest way to explain the awesomeness of this volume is the Che/Puff thing. In the last verse of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’, Puff dies because the kid grows out of innocent imagination. In the first volume, Chubby-da-Chuna was his fantasy Puff friend. In this volume, Seaguy’s sidekick wears a Che cap. Che is the ultimate symbol of teenage revolution: You start to realize the lies you’ve been told in school and corporate advertising and government and you want to tear it all down. So Che helps you tear it down, just like Puff helped you imagine. But what do you build out of what you’ve torn down?

WonderAli, who is a girl, who I’ve met, and hugged (and I think you know what I’m talkin’ about) even though we’re both married (SCANDAL!) checks in on Jersey Gods #5.  But is that really what she’s talking about?  I think you know the answer.  Story 4 / Art 5

It took me a while to figure out what exactly it was about Jersey Gods that I loved so much. But at the end of the day I think it’s because everything about this book it fun. The story balances the big cosmic adventures of Barock, a god from the war-torn planet Neboron, with the every-day misadventures of Zoe, cub fashion reporter for a local paper in New Jersey. This week’s issue wrapped up the first story arc and set the stage for what’s to come for Zoe and Barock. And we finally got to see the two of them get together — squee!

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  5. Josh… Look. You’re a nice guy and all, and I hope we can stay friends. But… I was only using you to get closer to Erik Estrada. I’m sorry.

  6. @Jimski: I have a feeling Larry Wilcox could be looking for work if you want to spice up your article 😉

  7. @WonderAli It wouldn’t be the first time. Not by a long shot.

  8. Erik Estrada is all about class. I mean just look at that digital Casio watch on his wrist. Sophisticated.

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  10. i’ll have you know i fought off mutant-cyborg gang members from mid-80s movies about the not-too-distant-future. and meth’s got nothing on beer. 

    seriously, though, a lot of these ‘monday user review post’ comments focus on the reviews rather than the act of compiling/summarizing/editing those reviews. that’s a huge task, and this was a monumentally awesome example.

    also, at home with a high fever reading howard the duck essential. best way to read it!


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  13. I was reading this thing….and then Erik Estrada comes out of no where!

    I was like: ‘Where the hell did that come from?’ It has nothing to do with anything, that’s why it’s awesome.

  14. @Changingshades What other Cop Dramas do you recommend?

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  18. @ ericmagnus24

    Comic wise, I think that Gotham Central, Powers, and an indie comic I found in Florida called The Line was really good.  I hated District X, though it started out promising. I think David Hine can’t end a story in a satisfactory way to save his life. 

    TV wise, I’ve finally started watching The Shield from the beginning. I’m up to Season 4 and think it’s awesome. I keep hearing the Wire is really excellent too. 


    @Josh Flannegan 

     Really? No one else reads as much as I do? Okay, I’m going to go cut my pull list. That’s depressing.