User Reviews Thinks They Only Made it Rain More

Shake off your umbrella and try to forget it’s a dark and stormy Monday (unless it isn’t where you live, which does make it easier), and check out these varied opinions.

rwpos splits with my own opinion of New Avengers the Reunion #2, and gosh darnit, that is his due!  Story 2 / Art 4

I’ve always thought of Hawkeye as an action hero, and Mockingbird as a supporting action hero/spy.  And in this series the action has been seriously lacking, the espionage aspects a bit ridiculous, and the only thing in-focus has been a poorly realized relationship drama. James Bond doesn’t work in a relationship thriller, and so far, neither has Clint Barton.

SilverAgeTom (who secretly loathes GoldenAgeBob and ModernAgePhil) thinks more praise is due to Jeff Parker’s Agents of Atlas #3Story 4 / Art 5

Jeff Parker took a group of heroes from the 1950’s Atlas line and put them together in a team-book in a 2006 mini-series and now they’re back. In the hub-bub of three Avengers books and a slew of other teams I think this series gets sorely overlooked. For my money its between this and Captain Britain for best Marvel team book out there today.

kymsoke lasted longer than I did, and made it to The Boys #29, where apparently, there was some sort of payoff after 2 1/2 years.  I don’t doubt it.  Story 4 / Art 4

This issue shows why it is worth plodding through the so called sleeper issues of the boys. Garth Ennis has been establishing characters with hearts and a fucked up world where these characters make hard choices to exist in that world. And it’s been a tad boring. Reading this ark, I’ve been waiting for the payoff of “The Boys vs the G-Men”. Well you get it here and it’s awesome.

There were a ton of other books out this week, and you should read as many reviews as you can.  Be informed people!


  1. New Avengers: The Reunion

    Pretty harsh. Not a badly written review, but you gravitate towards the "lack of action" and that is a poor reason to not like a comic, especially when there is an action scene.

    To balance this a bit, I’d like to point out that this is the only book that I’ve read that seems to be taking the psychological fallout of the Skrull Invasion seriously.

    It is making the Skrull Invasion actually have impact on character development.

    I’d like you to quote actual bad dialogue to prove that it is poorly written. I’d probably also need to know which comics you admire the dialogue.

    Writers who do not address continuity usually get crucified.

    I thought this has been an excellent comic so far.


  2. I’ll have to flip that issue of The Boys as I dropped it long ago as well.  I just want to see what the payoff is.  Nice review folks.

  3. Great reviews guys!

  4. Ha! It’s bright and sunny in eastern Washington for the first time all year!

    I might have to break down and try Agents of Atlas. I decided to avoid it after the preview pages made it look very tied into Dark Reign. Would I have to read everything Bendis to appreciate it?

  5. I’m loving ‘Reunion,’ I think it’s a great blend of action and character development.  Mockingbird is a character who’s new to me, as she is to a lot of readers, and she’s very quickly become somebody I love whose adventures I want to follow. 

    And seriously, there’s not enough love in the world for how awesome ‘Agents of Atlas’ is.  The miniseries kicked ass, and the ongoing has proved to be just as much fun.  Parker’s giving a clinic in how to use continuity without being a slave to it.

  6. @ScorpionMasada: Agreed