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‘s where you come in!  It’s Monday morning, which is the perfect time for some quarterba– I mean, User Reviews

theswordisdrawn gives us a review of X-Men: Manifest Destiny – Nightcrawler that is more disappointed than angry. Unless he’s German, then he’s probably angry.

Story 1 / Art 3

One thing was really great about this book. We got to see the swashbuckling, fun-loving, womanising Nightcrawler of old, instead of the tired old ‘Kurt the almost priest’ angle so many writers seem to opt for. We haven’t really seen that side of his character since the end of the original Excalibur series.

Unfortunately, that was pretty much the ONLY thing great about it.


dursin comes dangerously close to slagging off the original series in his review of G.I. Joe #3, which will get you court marshaled around these parts.

Story: 4 / Art: 4

It’s actually been a slow build for the first couple issues, re-introducing some of the characters and getting readers up to speed on what this is all about. But this issue features some solid action, and we get to see members of the Joe team working together and some good back-and-forth between the characters, without the general cheeziness that was so prominent in the Marvel series. In fact, the dialogue from Chuck Dixon is what makes this for me. It is the right mix of military jargon and humor so you can get a feel for them quickly without a whole lot of exposition.


rwpos bought all five issue of the Marvel mini-series Adam, Legend of Blue Marvel #5, despite really, really, REALLY hating it. Go figure.

Story: 1 / Art: 1

And so the saga of the Blue Marvel finally comes to a close. Thank god. I have to admit that this issue did a few things that I didn’t expect which, for a series so painfully predictable, was an accomplishment of sorts (although the surprises weren’t in the form of interesting plot twists). In the end, this series was consistent only in its poor writing, lack luster art, and incompetent editing.


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JGG says a lot with a little in his review of Superman/Batman #56, which you can read below in its entirety.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Superman/Batman had been suffering and just limping along until these last two arcs. This was the conclusion of the SuperBat arc where the powers of Superman and Batman were switched. It was a very thoughtful and interesting take on what would happen in that situation. The writers avoided the easy answers in favor of a more realistic approach. I found it to be a very fun read. You take that and throw in some Rags Morales art and you can’t go wrong.


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  1. @theswordisdrawn – I feel your pain.  This ‘goodbye’ to Nightcrawler was a huge dissappointment.  Nightcrawler has always been one of my favorite X-Men and this issue was awful.  And then he comes back at the end?  Is he back, or is the ending just one more thing that’s wrong with this issue?  Nightcrawler deserves better.

  2. @ YGG:  I rather enjoyed the Superbat arc myself. Thank you, sir.  I am literally actually more excited about Superman/Batman then I am for the regular Bat-books right now, I’m actually enjoying Confidential more too! Bruce Wayne is Batman, just like Clark Kent is Superman.  No reason to switch shit up on us.

  3. Ha ha. Cheers, Conor. And No, I’m not German – I’m English. But yes, I do feel disappointed. I don’t think anybody could really be angry with that issue. It was just plain daft. Nightcrawler seems to be another 70s X-Men character to be short-changed. A shame. He could so many better things in another Marvel book.

  4. I’m a bit confused on the Blue Marvel mini that rwpos reviewed.

    Like: What’s the point of it’s release? Is there something big coming from that character, which I have no idea who he is by the way, and anything worthwhile coming from that mini? It sounded interested at first, but then I heard nothing but bad reviews for it. It also doesnt help that Juan Doe does the covers….Not a fan of his.