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TheDudeVonDoom can’t seem to escape Moon Knight #26. Since he’s still reading it, we appreciate the update.

Story: 3 / Art: 4

What is immediately different about all this, though, is the art. Not only are the colors much brighter and simpler – admittedly hard to prove this in these first few unlit pages – but this is a whole different style from any of the other three arcs of this volume. And with the exception of everyone having their eyes closed for most of the issue, I like it. It’s like Palo is channeling Foreman’s style on Immortal Iron Fist but filtering out all the extra (i. e. pointless) lines and grit. Lee Loughridge’s coloring is also of note here, since he is in fact why these pages look like they do.


iGotKittyPryde succinctly touches on what makes Tiny Titans #12 so great.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

For all that was said about Ambush Bug earlier in the year, this is both the funniest book I’ve read this year and the one that did the best job poking fun at DC. Between Darkseid as the lunch lady, a ‘final’s crisis’ and some… interesting family bonding, this hit all the right notes.


cam23 is keeping an eye on the Wildstorm universe, and reports in on Stormwatch PHD #18. I heard a lot about this book when it was first coming out, and apparently, it’s still worth a read. 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

I really enjoyed this issue. The decision to set it in the same timeframe as Authority #6 allowed us to see the meeting between the two teams from both sides and also to fill in some of the events we’d already seen in rather rushed form in the Authority issue.


jstump continues the chorus of voices shouting about Conan the Cimmerian #7. Apparently this is the best comic no one is reading. So get your sword on. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Conan The Cummerian, along with Solomon Kane, have both become books that I can’t wait for each month. It seemed like forever since I read issues 0-6 of this book. The ending did not disappoint. Actually the most disappointing part about this book was when I saw that the team was changing for the next arc. Truman seems to really get the character, along with my other favorite Conan writer Busiek.

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Just for kicks, if you already read all these in Jackson’s voice, you can go through and read them as Bill the Butcher after that.  It’s what I did.  But if you just want to read them, silently, like a normal person, you can find more here.  Thanks to everyone who wrote and commented!


  1. I’ll be honest:  I had no idea a Moon Knight book was still being put out.  Glad to see there still some folks out there enjoying it.

  2. Unfortunately, I hear all the reviews read in the tandem voices of Fran Drescher and Gilbert Gottfriend.


    I haven’t slept in months.

  3. Josh, next time put "Now that’s what I call the minority vote!" at the end of an otherwise unpopular title’s positive review.

    You know you want to. 

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    As far as I can tell, the CONAN creative team remains the same, except Joseph Michael Linsner replaces Cho as the cover artist and Corben isn’t listed.  Truman and Giorello are still the creative team.   

  5. @Paul – YAAAAAAAY!!!!! I thought that there was a different writer at the end of this issue. I’m really excited now.

  6. Fun fact, the photo of Joseph Michael Linsner on the NYCC Guests page features him holding what appears to be a hairless cat.