User Reviews Romped In the Sun This Weekend

Some might perceive a disconnect between beautiful sunny weather and reading stacks of comics in a dank windowless room.  Not so, for User Reviews are plentiful and varied, regardless of spring fever.

cyberauron wanted to know why there’s no Batgirl, since they can probably get Barbara Gordon out of that wheelchair, and Oracle #2 helped him out.  Story 4 / Art 4

In this book, we see that Oracle is still a hero when she goes off on her own to find the mssing pieces of the anti-life equation and do battle with a person that may be just as smart as her, the Calculator. The writer Kevin VanHook reminds us that even without the use of her legs she still a strongly capable person.

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TehDave is on the bandwagon for Rebels #3, where, despite his complete ignorance of capitalization in the review, he talks about this series many of you might not be reading.  Story 4 / Art 5

the excellence that is REBELS persists. the book is equal parts fantastic art and fun issue-to-issue storytelling, combined with the joy that vril dox’s charming dickishness brings.

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Templar sets the bar once again with phrases like the following in his review of Secret Invasion Aftermath Beta Ray Bill Green of Eden #1, with is the most cumbersome title since X-Men The End Book 3 Men and X-Men #2Story 3 / Art 2

The same Skrulls that were responsible for the torture and invasion were so impressed by Beta Ray Bill, clearly recognizing his immense level of manliness and awesome, basically built a religion around him… and this is as it should be. Beta Ray Bill worship is equivalent to praying to a thousand Bruce Campbells, then punching out a gorilla with your bare fist. Unfortunately, the Skrulls are not as wise as those of us that realize this, and are fickle in their religious clingyness.

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warlock lets me know that while I wait for a second Godland hardcover, a mostly futile effort, things are still going very well in Godland #27.  Seriously, why have you not checked out this book?  Yes, I’m talking to you. Don’t look away.  Oh fine! Fine!  Story 5  / Art 5

If any had doubted that “Godland” could continue to set the cosmic standard in all of comics, issue #27 obliterates such doubt. Casey expands our minds as never before in this latest arc, once again challenging us to question our naive view of reality while Adam Archer searches for his sister Neela through space and time.

As always, thanks very much to the folks who took the time to read and review their comics and share with the rest of us.  You are truly doing Godland’s work.  Read the rest here.


  1. I too am waiting for the second Godland HC.  The first one was so boss.  Of course, if I ever hit a con, I’ll be trying to find this in back issues. 

  2. My advice would be to pick up the trades, and really, don’t hold your breath for a second Celestial Edition.

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am completely convinced on that Beta Ray Bill issue. I hope my LCS has an issue left.

  4. @josh~ I’m thinking that’s probably what I’m going to have to do.  I ended up breaking down and buying the trades after getting the Library Edition of Invincible.  Who knows if the second volume of that will ever come out.

  5. That’s good, because my sources tell me you’d be waiting a long, long time for the next hardcover, virtually assuring that Ron will never read the rest of this.