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Hakaider is the first person I can remember talking about Ultimate Comics Armor Wars, which seems bizarre for a Warren Ellis book. Attention must be paid! (Story 4 / Art 4)

As someone who had to sit through years of unfathomably awful Iron Man comics (I'm looking at you, father-son writing team of Knauf and Knauf, not to mention the whole making him the villain of Civil War line of bullshit), I've been more than happy to ride the wave of great new work featuring the Golden Avenger that the likes of Fraction and Ellis have been putting out recently. Ultimate Armor Wars #4 slots into that group of great comics quite nicely. While this hits many of the familiar points I've come to expect from one of my favorite comic authors, Warren Ellis can still write most Iron Man writers under the table. I loved his Extremis work and was sad to see him go, but these Ultimate Iron Man comics he's been writing have more than made up for it.

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glwarm76 read all of Adventure Comics With Black Lantern Superboy #7 when many people like me quit reading halfway through that "title." (Story 4 / Art 4)

Adventure has been on my pull list since its re-launch for one reason, Johns, so I strongly considered skipping this issue. After some internal debate, I decided to give the issue a shot and Im glad I did. Its rare when a single issue effectively deals with a character's present, past, and future and still has some great action; specifically a bunch of kick-ass splash pages. The scenes with Krypto were pure joy and I could actually feel Conner struggle with the black ring and grow as a character throughout the book.

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odare77 is trying to save you from yourselves, Human Target fans! He didn't like Human Target #1 at all! Tell the people! (Story 1 / Art 4)

I have no doubt that editorial viewed this solely as a way of capitalising on the launch of the TV series, and I can understand that completely from a business standpoint.  That's why you've got a simple, straightforward caper that seems to forgo everything that's gone before, although it's written by character creator Len Wein.  The solicitation isn't clear if this is meant to be the classic Christopher Chance character or an adaptation of the TV version.  I'm guessing the latter as there's none of the old master-of-disguise plot threads.  To compound that disappointment, there's absolutely none of the depth of the early 2000's series either.  I know we were never going to revisit Milligan's reflective, relevant, post 9/11 opus, but this just comes across as a total backwards step.  They could have turned out a story that was still simple and action oriented but that still had a sense of originality.  Instead there's just nothing to set this out from the crowd, including the main art.  We've seen it all before.

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By gum, if somebody bought Hit-Monkey #1, that's something we need to hear more about. comicBOOKchris enjoyed it; why not you? (Story 4 / Art 4)

Naturally, when I read the solicit to Hit-Monkey, I thought the issue was going to be a Marvel Apes-style goofball book. You can imagine my suprise when I finished reading this, and came to the realization that this was the most drama and tragedy ridden book of the week for me. Hit-Monkey is played completely straight and serious, as it tells the origin story of the titular character. Way does a great job in telling a story that deals heavily in deep themes such as loss, tragedy and vengance, which multiplies the overall ridiculousness by 100. This book will touch you with its great drama, and then make you laugh when you realize that all these emotionally charged scenes HAVE MONKEYS AS THE KEY CHARACTERS!


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  1. I feel Jimski is going to hit me on the nose with a rolled up newspaper if I don’t look at these reviews, so I’m looking at them right now.

    Totally agree with Glwarm76 on ADVENTURE COMICS. I had no idea what to expect from that story as it wasn’t Johns. I was pleasantly surprised and I found this to be a great jumping-off point. When the series gets less mired with the other Superman books, I’ll probably come back.

  2. I’m a little worried about Hit-Monkey’s future appearances in Deadpool, as I’m not sure the joke will really translate well in that book. The reason why Hit-Monkey works so well is that the tone is deadly serious, while Way’s Deadpool book has a more slapstick feel. Granted, he’s writing the book quite well, though I’m not sure about the 2 clashing tones.

     Then again, it is proven that Deadpool works really well with dramatic plot points (as seen in Joe Kelly’s run and Mark Waid’s preceeding mini series), so it juuuuust might work.

  3. @glwarm – I like the handle. A refrence to Harlan Ellison I assume. 🙂

  4. @comicbookchris: It will be interesting to see if Way continues to make Hit-Monkey a serious character or just a simple joke. I have a feeling the joke will still continue to be "this is the serious thing ever but the most ridiculous idea period" type of joke.