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Always in the spirit of giving, the whole year round, the iFanbase gives because they can and they know they should. They give their time, thoughts, and opinions, however often wrong or misguided, and submit themselves to the mercy of the collected masses of the internet. Helpful? Probably. Important? Definitely. Heroes? You bet your ass.

Wait, I’m talking about comic reviews right?

jerichobp fills in the gaps in talking about Final Crisis #5, and probably did a better job than we would have. Me, I liked the Green Lantern scene, and then apparently some other things happened. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

I’ve noticed a cliché trend with this series: Either you love it, or you hate it. To contrast it with another recently ended mini-series, which I felt could’ve been summed up rather nicely in a few words, (such as: Some aliens invaded, we killed them, now a bad guy runs the world, or “meh”), this series is epic. The only story that’s really ever come close to this level of grandeur was the first Crisis. I really believe this is going to retcon or reboot or restart or retell or reimagine the entire origin of the DC universe. And I love it.

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coltrane68 knows good comics when he sees them, and it appears he saw Captain Britain & MI 13 #8, which is honestly a bit of a mouthful of a title. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

This is Paul Cornell’s most complete issue of Captain Britain and MI 13 to date. The characters are tightly written, and the action is fun. The scary stuff is just scary enough, and the lighter moments are truly funny.


kwisdumb got this review printed, and that’s the case because it’s dead on. Invincible #56 just keep making things better and better. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I feel like ever since issue #50 this book just keeps getting better and better, and this issue is no different. It’s coming out on time, the art looks better than ever, the status quo *did* actually change in #50, and some of the best characters ever introduced in the series are coming back. Such a great book.


remington (Steele? Shaver?) is finally on board with the Green Lantern, and is pretty pleased that Green Lantern Corps #31 keeps getting better. 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

I always loved the idea of the Green Lanterns but I never really latched onto any of the comic lines. That was until the Sinestro Corps story line. Ever since then I have happily devoured anything containing or remotely related to the Green Lanterns. But, as the pieces are being set for the The Blackest Night I have found myself becoming decreasingly interested in Green Lantern Corps. Then came Krypb. These last few issues have introduced the scariest, creepiest character of the Sinestro Corps yet and I absolutely love it.


There are more, but you’ll have to search them out on your own. You can’t expect these people to review books AND read them to you, can you? Ungrateful, that’s what you are! And we’ll be speaking with your parents about it.


  1. I wish you guys would explain to me how to publish user reviews on this site.  I must have requested this information at least 100 times this month alone.  And you guys want four dollars a month from me…

  2. Thanks for the feature!

  3. Log in. Pull your comics from the "this week’s comics" list. Then, at the top right of the screen under the iFanboy logo, click "your comics", choose the "write a review" under whatever comic you want  to review. Once it’s written you will get a additional option to edit your review.

  4. @Robbydzwonar – It’s pretty simple.  Click on your comics, underneath the iFanboy image, which will bring up the list of stuff you’ve pulled.  Then next to each issue should be a link that says "Write a Review" with a pencil next to it.  This will bring up a box where you can type your review.  Once the review is done you can rate it, check the box for spoilers if you have them and then finally submit.

  5. If you click on "Your Comics", you then have the option to write a review under each book you’ve pulled.

  6. Nice reviews all.