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Day named for Labor as day off in United State?  Bah!  Is ridiculous and lazy, like pig dog.  No! Today is more toil!  Today we make sweat for glory of workers! 

Is vaguely redundant, yes?


Mangaman show us all how make a long, ridiculously detail review of Batman #690. Anyone writing less than 200 word from now on will be shot.  Story 3 / Art 3

Now I know what some of you are thinking: “Gush-fest here we come” and you know what? You’re absolutely correct. I’m sorry but I suppose for now I play devil’s advocate by falling under the stereotype of reviewing this with Bagley fan Bias. And why shouldn’t I? The pencil’s are tight and dynamic. It probably took him a day to draw, the characters are realistically proportionate to what they would probably look like in real life. And you hardly think you were “reading” this comic as opposed to simply looking at the pictures. That’s what it felt like to me, a little art book.

comicBOOKchris has no more time for waste on substandard comic book.  He accuse Robinson, James of bad dialog, among other crime against JLA in Justice League Cry for Justice #3Story 1 / Art 2

This book has failed in every which way to hook me with its script and art. I haven’t had too much history with the works of James Robinson, but I’m pretty sure he didn’t get famous for hackneyed scripts like this. None of the heroes talk naturally amognst themselves, and it’s even more groan inducing when someone makes a joke. Additionally, all the potentially exciting scenes are quickly skipped over in favor of scenes where the heroes just stand around gabbing their bad lines. So in other words, its more of the same from last issue.

TheNextChampion is champion for reason!  He write of Deadpool #15 that is more than you expect with more serious, less joke, but still some joke.  Is good!  Story 4 / Art 5

Most of this issue has Deadpool talking to himself, but really from the narrative boxes. He’s talking to his other subconscious in other forms; like Death, or a dead shark, or Cyclops with a snazzy mustache. We get to see a little bit on what makes Deadpool think, in a serious matter. It gets a bit hidden with some clever jokes and bizarre ‘Pool-O-Vision’ dreams, but this is a serious comic. Now obviously that’s not what people who are fans of the guy wants to see. But Daniel Way certainly has shown this idea in earlier issues (notably in issue #11) and he’s just expanding his take on the character.

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AmirCat kind of slack off.  Is good book yes, this Proof #23, but not many word to say.  Compare to Mangaman, and it seem he might have to be shot.  We great regret, but this is rules.  Story 4 / Art 5

#23 was a beautiful closing chapter to Julia’s story and one that makes you understand what kind of a person Proof is. What it lacked in action, it made up for in heart (how is that for a cliche’ quote) …
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You! What you doing standing around mouth open?  Read other User Reviews, make sure no more bad comic book.

Have good work day on Labor Day in United State. 


  1. Uh-oh, big mistake with the first two reviews josh. Unless comicbookchris and mangaman are the same person 😉

    Everytime I see a review for Proof I cringe on realizing I haven’t tried the series yet. The first trade is only 10 bucks! What’s wrong with me?

  2. You catch mistake.  Is good.  You will not be shot.


  3. This is why we can’t go on international trips. 

  4. Xenophobia is HILARIOUS!

  5. "I’ve been arrested on six continents! Now I need to go to Antartica and mug a penguin!"

    That’s the plot for Whiteout right?

  6. Proof was really great this week. And so utterly satisfying. The passion from Grecian and Rossmo was obvious in those pages.

  7. If I lived in Russia, I would be constantly afraid I’d be forced into hard labor by Ivan Drago threatening to punch my face off. "Everything he touches, he destroys!"

  8. @Paul and Josh "Every time we come to Southern California, we are absolutley The Clampetts"

  9. Ya’ll need to quit Stalin and write some reviews!

  10. @Dave – *high five*

  11. I’m thinking next week, user reviews should be delivered by Groot…

  12. That would be pretty easy to write…

  13. I loved cry for justice. I mean, the backmatter alones gotta be worth at least a 3/5 right?

  14. I laughed so hard I swallowed my gum. Josh made my day.