User Reviews Make Autumn Days Nicer

Even with the supersized, guest star studded weekly audio show, we can’t fit everything in, so it is just as well that the iFanbase fills in the gaps, and offers alternate opinions.

jing7wei is up first with a review of Air #2, and the prognosis is not looking good. I’m inclined to agree. But I’ve been wrong before.

Story: 2 / Art: 3

I realize this is setting things up, but the tension building isn’t done very nicely. The art I didn’t mind too much. It wasn’t anything outstanding, but it gets the job done. The panels and pacing however, were a different story. There was at least one instance where I got confused and didn’t know which panel to read next. Wow.


Sammy loves War Machine’s story in this nearly forgotten title, Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33.  It was certainly better than the last issue, even though it’s not about Iron Man, or his direction of S.H.I.E.L.D. at all. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

Chris Gage is writing this so already its promising (this guy is seriously good) and it delivers. The story is great, well written, well placed and just enough of a recap for anyone wanting to jump on board. The art is good and works well with the story, especially the final page (again highlighting Rhodey as a massive threat for the Skrulls).

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Neb wants to marry Atomic Robo: Dogs of War #2, and take it on a honeymoon, but listen, he’s willing to share, and you can come too. I’m saying, he really likes the book, and you probably don’t even know about it. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

If it was possible, I would type the sound of trumpet horns as they blasted away about my love for this book. It’s a catchy, brassy tune that pierces the wind with its sonic resonance spouting joy through the air molecules. It would travel quickly, spreading until it found its way to the 1’s and 0’s of the digital mainframe, constructing itself to these fine words for this fine review.

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TheNextChampion beats the drum for The Incredible Hercules #121 (a number that isn’t really fair, since it hasn’t really been a Hercules book for over 100 issues, but whatever), and he thinks, and makes a case for more people trying this title out.  Listen to his argument, won’t you? 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

This series just gets better and better with every issue. It’s a series that shouldn’t work, given that a D-list hero took over an A-list hero. But every week Greg Pak and others have given me something entertaining for me to read every week.

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Jimski, our very own, gets the bonus slot this week, because, and big surprise here, he very much did not like Age of Sentry #1. But he did try it. That’s something. 

Story: 1 / Art: 1

On goes the never-ending campaign to manufacture relevance for the least essential character created in the last 10 years! Jam jam jam goes history’s shoehorn, violently wedging this featureless glob of chewed up Wonder Bread into a past where he never was and doesn’t belong! Again we bask in manufactured nostalgia for a time we did not even experience in the first place! Tune in next issue, when it is revealed that the Sentry is the one who irradiated the spider!

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There you have it.  5 for the price of 4, which is still free I might add.  In fact, read even more here.  Thanks to all the great reviewers this week.  You make us proud!




  1. I said this before, but it bears repeating.  Nobody writes a pan that makes me actually want to read the book more than Jimski does.  He needs to work on being more boring if he wants to scare people away. That, or repeated reference to facial tumors, as in his review of "Ruins."

    I have to say I found the Sentry book entertaining enough, but nowhere near as entertaining as Jim’s pan. 

  2. Is anyone else waiting for the new War Machine series coming up? I read the recent trade of the first appearence of War Machine in comics and I loved it so much. I’m gald their using Rodney more cause it seems like he’s wasted for the Initative and nothing more.

    Thanks for showing my review, seriously pick up Hercules cause it really is a great series.

  3. Excellent review by all this week.  I second TheNextChampions review of Incredible Herc.  It’s a great frickin’ book.

  4. @TheNextChampion  Which trade was that?

  5. Uh I believe it’s called ‘Iron Man-War Machine’ and it collects Iron Man #281-291 from way back when. It’s alittle on the cheesy side since we got this whole, ‘Tony Stark, Dead or Alive?’ B story. But all the stuff with War Machine, with Stark and Rodney in the suit respectively is really bad ass. Although the main writer did help write ‘Galactic Storm’…So take it with a grain of salt on talent lol. Seriously though, great trade if you need to get into War Machine.

    No one has still answered why all but one person on the Ifanboy team isnt picking up Incredible Herc. Lack of advertisement could make this go back to a boring Hulk series again. Plus Josh is right, it’s false advertising that this series is 121 issues long. It’s like 7-8 issues right now.

  6. I’ll answer.  I don’t care.  It might be great, but the only thing I ever read from Greg Pak was World War Hulk, and I’m sorry, but that was bloody awful, and this might be the greatest thing in the world for some, but I honestly couldn’t care less about reading it.  I’ve got a ton of books to read, and for some reason, this doesn’t tickle my fancy in the least.

    Yet, I hope that for the people who might enjoy it, they should know about it, and read on.  I’m just not going to.

  7. Personally, I don’t read it because I always feeling like wanting to drive a tent stake through Amadeus Cho’s head when I see him.

  8. During World War Hulk, my least favorite part of a terrible story was the Hercules/Cho stuff so that’s probably why I stay away from it.

  9. It’s all Greek to me.  

  10. I fully endorse Incredible Hercules, and not just to keep it from turning into a dogpile. I cared so little about Hercules before it started, I literally thought he was dead, and when the title change was announced I groaned, "Oh, as if giving Loeb the Hulk wasn’t bad enough…!" But this series has turned out to be a jolly donnybrook that certain someones who plug Guardians of the Galaxy like it owes them money could certainly give a shot to without it killing them.

  11. (Guardians of the Galaxy is another book I wouldn’t have read if Andy Lanning had held a gun to my temple which turned out to be a delight)

  12. Well if you dont wanna read it that’s your perogitive, cant help it if WWH helped your opinion. I’d love to beat the living hell out of Pak for that event, so god awful. But trust me this is 1000x better then WWH and Hercules is written better in this series.

    Didnt WWH almost make you quit comics again Josh?

  13. If he didn’t hold a gun to your temple, how, then, did he really get you to read it?  Sinister.  

  14. No, but it solidified my position as the guy who hates fun (dumb plotting).

  15. That was TRANSFORMERS that did that.

  16. Great movie.  

  17. (you were right about Transformers; I just needed a couple days to come down)

  18. Doesn’t Fred Van Lente co-write Incredible Herc?  I’m not a Pak fan either but I have thought of trying Herc do to FVL, who is a ton of fun on Wolverine: First Class.

    @TheNextChampion  Thanks for the War Machine info. 

  19. *due to  (winces at own spelling)

  20. cool. I got mentioned.

  21. Thanks for mentioning my review all 😀

  22. I’m totally looking forward to Rhodey getting another solo series. His last one was, IMO, really good and The Crew was excellent also. He’s a great character. This last IM issue did a great job of showing how awesome Rhodes can be.

    As for Incredible Herc, I won’t touch it because I also hate Amadeus Cho. While The Sentry is useless, Cho is reprehensible. Can’t stand the little bastard.