User Reviews Like Lightning!

There were a lot of comic books to read this last week, and thankfully, there were a lot of people to help review those books, and share their thoughts, because without diverse opinions, we can’t expect to understand our own positions.  I’m not sure that makes sense, but we appreciate the different ideas, and here are some good ones.

ComicsAreCool fell into the Secret Invasion: Frontline #1 trap!

Story: 2 / Art: 2

The book seems designed to give us a sense of the human experience, as we’re introduced to a few non-powered characters in the hours just before the invasion. Unfortunately, the folks we’re introduced to aren’t all that interesting, nor do we care that much about them. As a result, seeing them in jeopardy isn’t all that compelling.


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Lawless was howling at the moon over The Astounding Wolf-Man #7

Story: 5 / Art: 5

The family dynamic in this book is where the goods are hidden as Kirkman explores the drama of dealing with this new life stile. Family drama has always been Kirkman’s strong point, it shows in Invincible and the Walking Dead and it is finally coming to bare in this book.

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Viewt spent some quality time with The Joker’s Asylum: The Joker and came out mentally intact! 

Story: 4 / Art: 4

Nelson totally nailed the nature of the Batman one-shot. He doesn’t go big — he goes fun. This is a story that anyone can enjoy, even if they’re only passingly familiar with the characters.

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ichthyophobic should have chosen an easier to spell user name. He loves Northlanders #7
Story: 5 / Art: 5

Brian Wood’s dialogue has felt perfectly natural coming out of his characters mouths, and to make it anything other than localized to his audience would’ve made it feel stiff and false — plus it served as a nice contrast this issue as a new group of people are introduced.

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Thanks to everyone.  Get over the Comics Section, and please read some of the many other excellent reviews of the enormous pull lists many of us experienced this past week.  And remember, grammar counts!





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