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There are a lot of holes in that desert, and a lot of bodies fill those holes.  I think you’re seeing the point here, capice?

Templar, he’s a good fella, a friend of ours.  Have you heard about this Green Lantern Corps #38 thing?  Story 3 / Art 4

When you take this arc as a whole, there certainly seems to be some issues with the pacing. I thought last issue was a little too fast, and therefore lacked focus. But, as a whole, this arc had been picking up pacing speed from issue to issue. The problem here is that with all the increased momentum, we kind of hit a wall.

akamuu was doing a bit in the joint, when he was disrespected by Uncanny X-Men #512.  You can’t stand for that in our thing.  Story 3 / Art 2

I really want to like this story. Matt Fraction is a strong writer. The concept of a dark X-Men team that may or may not be working with Osborn is somewhat intriguing. The reemergence of Mimic, Cloak, Dagger, Hellion, Avalanche, Adam X, and others is kind of cool, but I feel that Fraction’s story is too big.

I like this. One dog goes one way, the other dog goes the other way.  And this guy’s sayin’, whadda you want from me?

vinh? You fuckin’ degenerate fuckin’ prick you!  How’s your mother?  Did she like Destroyer #4?  Oh, those peppers…  Story 5 / Art 4

I can’t help but imagine Robert Kirkman, sitting in his office on a chair made of hundred dollar bills, laughing at the idea that he’s being paid good money to write these stories. Reading Invincible and Walking Dead, I always find myself thinking “I can’t believe Kirkman did that.” Where typical comic writers zig, Robert Kirkman zags and that’s what makes him one of the best comic writers working today. Destroyer is just plain good and fun, and I don’t think you can ask for much more.

Stuclach was one of the guys from the neighborhood.  He ran numbers mostly, and you always made sure you paid up.  Don’t believe me?  Star Wars Invasion #1.  How about that?  Story 4 / Art 3

This book opens with an image of an invasion force arriving at a fringe planet with the intention of conquest. We then follow a family on the surface as they respond to the invasion and eventually resist. As a first issue, this does exactly what it is supposed to. It sets up the situation (the threat, the tension, and the protagonists) without resorting to exposition. The invaders are kept appropriately mysterious and yet threatening. The protagonists are appropriately courageous and competent. Tom Taylor (the writer) is able to inject that esoteric Star Wars quality that makes the films (and novels) so magical for some of us.

What?  It’s not good enough for you?  You think you want to read more?  You’re lucky you’re family.


  1. You know who the guy in the picture kinda looks like..?

  2. Akamuu’s review is well-argued, though from my point of view it’s the scale of the story that makes it appealing.  Now, the *cast* may well be too large, I think the same thing could be done with fewer characters, but I do like the sense of this affecting all the remaining mutants.  Also, I agree with the comment on the full review that the inking on the Dodsons’ work is too heavy.  That seems to be a deliberate style thing, but I’m not a big fan of it.

  3. "People used to say that you didnt walk with Ron. You walked AMONG him!"

  4. Ths is the funniest thing I’ve read since I got sent up the river.  Sadly, my dogs didn’t come with me.

  5. Wow Sean Connery really let himself go.

    Templar’s review of GLC is pretty dead on with my feelings. It wasnt a bad issue, nor was it a fantastic one. It suffered from pacing problems and again: #38 felt like a beginning to Blackest Night then an end to Emerald Eclipse. Which is a big problem.

  6. I’m still trying to get a hold on what Josh is doing with these every week.  Are you picking a theme to present the reviews with?  Like this week seems to have the whole Mob theme and last weeks seemed to be the stoner theme.  Am I wrong?  ‘Cause I’m a bit confused if I am.

  7. Did you just call me a prick??  You wait until a guy is on vacation and then you start throwing down with the name calling.  Ya yella bellied coward.  Ya make me wanna retch.

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  9. @josh – I just clicked on the picture….my regret knows no bounds.

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