User Reviews Have No Witty Title This Week

There were a lot of books to talk about this week, and so you did.  Let’s get on with it.

ChildofAtom says “No, iFanboy! No!” when he went back to pick up Frank Frazetta’s Creatures #1. Luckily, we offer a money-back guarantee on the price of the podcast. For what it’s worth, we’re sorry you didn’t like it.

Story: 1 / Art: 2

Well, that was crap. I went back to the store this week and picked this up after the high recommendation on the show. The guys usually don’t steer me wrong, but this time…

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Aerodynamics, the smoothest and least wind resistant member of the community, takes issue with House of Mystery #4, but he does it smart-like.

Story: 2 / Art: 2

As I see it, Sturges has two significant challenges to overcome in House of Mystery. One is finding the delicate balance between the framing narrative and the seven-page short story in the middle of each issue. The other is ensuring that the vignettes are interesting and relevant. Issue #4 fails on both counts.

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Kimbo digs Cable. Why? Doesn’t know. Cable #6? It was okay.

Story: 3 / Art: 3

I do not understand my fondness for Cable, he really does not make sense to me as a character. What is his hook really? Both Cyclops or the X-Men have easy elevator pitches, quick summaries helping to understand them and offer a glimpse into the grandeur and pain they endure in just a quick sentence. Maybe even two. Cable takes a few paragraphs to a page to just stumble past his origin and in terms or powers I could not tell what he has this week.

RipperSix managed to make me interested in
Storming Paradise #2. I can’t figure out what this book is doing at Wildstorm, but at least it’s somewhere. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

Instead of dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki (creating Godzilla and other monsters in the process), what if America decided on a full-scale invasion? We get our answer in Storming Paradise, and issue #2 gets things really rolling. Unlike the invasion at the beaches of Normandy, the Allied Forces (U.S.) land on Designate Pontiac Beach at Sumiyoshi and are greeted not by machine gun fire, but a mixture of soldiers and farmers who have been placed in front of the American forces by the Japanese military to sacrifice themselves while killing as many American soldiers as possible in the process.

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Alright people.  There are a few of the many.  Get thee to the Comics Section, and review your comics, and check out all the reviews here.

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  1. There is no shame in liking Cable.  Cable is awesome.

    Well, the guy is awesome, maybe not so much the current series.

    Cable-the-guy has a shiny metal arm and knows everything because he’s from the future.  What part of that is not awesome?


  2. I would argue that it is the series that is awesome, and Cable who is not. From the future? Yes. Taken by surprise by everything that happens? Yes also. Super powers? I’ll get back to you. Backstory? Get comfortable!

    I wonder what Cable’s life would be like if he had time to settle down, buy groceries, and date. I wonder what it would be like if Cable and Ms. Marvel had to switch books for a year. I’d buy ’em. 

  3. @Jimski  I just want Cable to have his shiny metal island country back.  And Deadpool.  That’s all. 

    But do you really think the current series is awesome? 

  4. I can’t enjoy this Cable book till that baby stops staring at me.

  5. i love cable, loved FF’s creatures. hmm…somethings amiss.l and i dont know why i love cable either. that baby IS creepy though

  6. I wish Cable would stay in the future.  The one we never see because it is the future.

  7. Yee-haw I made the review section this week!  First, I’d like to thank the academy..

    I figured it out this weekend and I didn’t start actually liking Cable till the run by Joe Casey with art by Ladroon however long again that was.  A great run for a long time.  Since Deadpool and Cable was fun.  Lately I’m inclined to agree with Conor though.

  8. @ohcaroline: Cable the book is not actually awesome, but it is a work of wonder in that it is a book about Cable that interests me enough to pay attention to it. For someone like me, making a readable Cable book is like making plutonium into a delicious ice cream treat.

  9. I read Cable #3 (I think it was #3, the issue with old Cannonball) after somebody showed it to me and I thought it was exceptionally idiotic.  Though, to be fair, I didn’t even like Cable when I was seven or so in the 90’s so I doubt I’ll ever like the guy.

  10. Hope I never read "my fondness for Cable…", so long as I live. Truly, if ever a fanbase deserved the character of Cable it is those that read X-titles and the eponymous solo series.

    [ Roll eyes & vomit * one million / pi. ]

  11. @Labor  I like Cable, I like Cable, I like Cable!  You might even call me fond.

    But really, gang, it’s easy to joke about liking Cable, because — well, it’s easy to joke about liking Cable, particularly based on his rep in the 90s.  I do wonder how many people dissing the character have read much/ any of his canon since 2000 or so.  I’d go out on a limb and say I’ve read almost all of it — I had to give up on the latter half of Soldier X because, God knows, I’m not that much of a glutton for pain. 

    Cable’s post-90s canon is a mixed bag, certainly, like any character — but I think that taking it as a large arc:  (taking into account, in order: the "Dream’s End" arc of X-men; the Search for Cyclops mini; the Tischmann/Kordey series that ended the solo title; and the metatextual absurdity of Cable & Deadpool — which contains a couple of Cable-centric arcs that I like as much as just about anything I’ve read since I’ve been into comics — up through Carey’s run on X-men and Messiah Complex), that’s a pretty respectable and interesting character arc.  Now, for anybody who hasn’t read Cable since the 90s, I can’t blame them at all.   But in my view there are legitimately interesting things about the character.  I’m honestly attached and  I’d like to see the book be good.  

    I’m not sure how I feel about the new series, because the first five issues didn’t seem to be going much of anywhere.  I’m a little more optimistic with issue 6, but still reluctant to make a judgment.

    And, by the way, I really liked Kimbo’s review of the new issue and was nodding along with all of it; I think I got carried away with the Cable thing and forgot to say that.

  12. Caroline, don’t you dare think I don’t hate myself for buying NYX2 last week or Jean Grey: Origins this week. My mockery is balanced by the deep shame I feel every single Wednesday I buy an X-comic.  

    And yes, I may or may not have read an X-force comic at one time. I am not proud, but endure.

  13. @Labor    Dude, I was saddened that I couldn’t justify shelling out for the Liefeld monkey-variant cover of ‘Cable #6’.   The difference between those of us who embrace our love for Cable, and the rest of the world, is we never have to put the word ‘guilty’ in front of our pleasures. 

  14. @ohcaroline-  thanks!  glad you liked it.

  15. I suppose "guilt" would be the least of one’s concerns should they buy a Liefield…anything.

    One day, the Great Buddah will judge me. On that day I shall be damned for my X-force and Dazzler comics. And I shall weep as I am cast into perdition. 

  16. Thanks, Josh. When I wrote it, I was all, "Should I put the vitriol in?", and then I was all, "Just a dash, just a dash."

    Oh, what times I do have!