User Reviews Have No Sense of Humor

I hope you’re not looking for any jokes in here, mister!  Because this post is all about business; serious business; the business of comic book reviews.

What are you snickering about?  I don’t see what is so funny at all.

What’s that?  Yes I’m wearing a bunny suit.  But it isn’t a funny bunny suit.

What’s that?  No, I don’t see how saying “funny bunny” is funny at all.  Yes, I’m enjoying some honey.  Why that matters to you I don’t understand.

Why are you laughing? 

Ugh, let’s just get on with it.  Proceed.

Neb understands the grave nature of comic books and the reviews thereof.  Yet, he is man enough to admit mistakes and pre-judgments, such as with Captain America Reborn #3.  Hmm?  Yes, I always wear these ears on my head, but what that has to do with anything, I fail to understand.  Story 5 / Art 4

It’s difficult to type this review right now because I’m too busy trying to shove my foot in my mouth, eat crow and any other analogy that comes to mind when regretting the things you say. You see, one month ago, I was ragging on this series like nobody’s business. It was uninteresting, the art wasn’t that great, and I had no interest in reading about Norman Osborn. This issue, however, turned it around for me, and I was more than happy to make it my POW.

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Brikhed knows that zombies are serious, and nothing to take lightly, fictional or otherwise.  A serious look at 28 Days Later #2 is therefore well in order.  In the book he– why are you staring at me?  Is there something wrong with pajamas with feeties, or can we please move along?  Story 4 / Art 4

I checked out the first issue expecting to find a decent enough first issue but nothing that would really wow me. I was wrong. The first issue delivered and then some. It played right off of the events following the movie 28 Days Later. With that being said I was intrigued to see what Nelson, Shalvey and crew could bring for a follow-up to the first issue. Let’s just say they did not disappoint one bit.

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JimBilly4 made a rational and measured decision about Dark Reign The List Daredevil, and it turns out that after all the calculations and estimations, it was the correct course of– Oh for the love of– I’ve already explained about the bunnies!  Story 4 / Art 3

I liked the Tan art fine. It was clean and pretty at spots. I don’t think it is best suited for a Daredevil comic, but he is not going to be the regular artist, who will be Robeto de la Torre. I thought his stuff looked great, although I am not sure I need to see Daredevil on a gothic rooftop in the rain again, but you just got to get those out of the system. If they put me on Daredevil I would start there, too. It would also look like a four year old had drawn it and I would be fired and possibly sued, but that is another story altogether.

CatEyedFox, I suspect, has had about enough of this as I have, and I’ll be quite pleased to be quit of the whole lot of you.  I have never, in all my years, been confronted with such a stark disrespect for serious and deliberate concentration  on the graphic arts!  I’ve half a mind to take my barrel of mayonnaise and baloney tower and go, all without highlighting Beasts of Burden #1Story 5 / Art 5

The art was fabulous and spot on for this story, with all the animals clearly resembling their real-life breeds while still portraying each animal’s unique personality. The art and painting reminded me of the Bunnicula books, which I assure you is the a high compliment. Not too cartoonish, and not too realistic.

You know what?  Just go.  Go to comic reviews and read them yourselves, and you can all have a great big laugh, can’t you?

Ding ding ding ding slurp!


  1. The Daredevil review is listed under Beasts of Burden.

  2. Thanks for featuring my review of Cap even if it’s wrapped in a strange Donnie Darko/Bugs Bunny/A Christmas Story explanation.  Nice reviews all.

  3. fixed.

  4. Ha, funny bunny putting honey in his tummy and chewing bears at are quite gummy

  5. That bunny in the back of the basket is evil! Red eyes!

  6. I think the bunnies have been cutting and pasting the snippet from my review multiple times. They do like the multiplication. Did you fix a link, Josh, or the text? Because either something is still amiss or CatEyedFox’s review style is disurbingly famiiar to my own.

  7. Erm… I don’t believe that is the correct exerp, because while I agree the story itself was rather gothic, I completely failed to mention it.

  8. I’m not doing well with this this week.