User Reviews Hail From Dubious Circumstances

Who are these reviewers?  Where are they from? Who stands to benefit?  WHY?!?

akamuu reviewed Green Lantern Corps #36, the highest pulled book of the week, and he’s none too pleased.  Story 2 / Art 2

The first half of this month’s GL Corps was spent explaining the reveal from the last issue. It took nine pages telling a story that could have been summed up in seven panels. Or, possibly, saved for an origin style side story.  The second half dealt with Ion vs. The Yellow Lanterns. And I got so bored of the narration that I missed some explanation of what happened later in the story.

Bedhead has a theory about Secret Six #9.  I’m not sure if he makes any sense, but see what you think.  Also, he really likes the book.  Story 5 / Art 5

In admiring comics, the admirer brings this extra-textual knowledge of the creator; just as in creating comics, the creator acknowledges and responds to this extra-textual knowledge. The end result of this odd, wonderful relationship between celebrity and celebrator is a creative product that neither exist on its own terms or just exists to be interpreted, but must be read in the context of not a theoretical but an actual give and take, or conversation, between the creator and the admirer. It’s as if comics plowed through the post-modern crisis of 1986 to emerge 20 years later with a new conception of how to read and write in this medium—call it supermodernism. This issue of Secret Six exemplifies this new creative style and demonstrates the great pleasures that can be drawn its methods.

, who is going for a world record in the number of books reviewed, is, like me, digging the Great Fables Crossover, with the latest part, Fables #84Story 4 / Art 4

I’m loving this book now more than ever, and I loved it a quite a bit before hand. I was a little worried that putting Jack in his own book would spread the concept a little too thin, but they gave it just enough of a difference in tone to make it work. Now that they’re reincorporating Jack into the main book it is working even better.

(he’s not actually champion yet) was one of several people reviewing Azrael Death’s Dark Knight #3, which he quite liked, and I’ve never heard of.  Story 4 / Art 5

The painted feel to Irvings pencils/colors make this series all the more interesting. Every issue has had a beginning splash page that looks absolutely gorgeous. (This issue was no difference) It must be a pain to have this type of art style, cause everything has to be detailed but not look muddy. Some of the faces of his characters can look a bit weird, especially that cop who helped Lane out towards the end. But overall I like the style of Irving and when the ongoing series comes along…. I hope he’s the artist.

Much more investigation will be necessary.  For example, why have I never seen any of these reviewers in the same place at the same time?  Why have I never seen any of them in the first place?  Why aren’t you reading the rest of the reviews?  It all makes it tough for a man to sleep at night.


  1. I wouldn’t have read Bedhead’s review if it wasn’t highlighted here. While I didn’t consider his points while reading this issue, I think he’s absolutely right. It’s not just comics, but all forms of entertainment. Last term I was in an Intro to New Media class. We talked about this phenomenon of creator-consumer interaction just about every day. Self-reference, pandering to fans, etc. is definitely nothing new. However, we are in constant contact with comic book creators. We see their thoughts on Twitter. We chat with them in forums. Sure, comics has long been an industry with approachable stars, but it’s never been this accessible. To prove my point, had Edward attended a con 15 years ago and approached Peter Krause with the words: "Your art on Irredeemable #1 was shithouse," he would have been thrown out of the con. Instead, he was able to have a playful dialogue with the artist himself. Such honest conversation between comic fan and comic creator would have been impossible in person 15 years ago. Interesting. Very interesting.

  2. I felt the same way about GLC this past week.  It was one of the weaker issues since I started reading it.  The beginning dragged too much, and not enough ground work was laid for the ending part to be meaningful in any way.  The whole finale felt really rushed.  

  3. I thought GLC was another soild issue by Tomasi/Gleason (especially for Gleason). Tomasi has to balance 3 stories, that in today’s comics would’ve been 3 seperate story arcs.

    Thanks for putting my review up guys! I’ll be champion one day….and not a a wuss champ like an international champ…a world champion!