User Reviews get the final word on the big names

With no Pick of the Week Podcast for this past week's books someone has to talk about what happened in the big boys.

AmirCat3 thought that's highest pulled book last week — Green Lantern #49 — was pretty solid. Story 4 / Art 4

Johns is a great writer, of course everyone knows, but what rarely gets mention[ed] about his writing is that the tone of the story always matches the characters he is writing. In John Stewart's story, you could see how serious the situations presented were. I kind of found similarities in tone to the first Wonder Woman Blackest Night book. Maybe it was just the army story line.

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JoseRivera83 agreed that iFanboy's Pick of the Week (and last week's second highest pulled book) Detective Comics #860 was pretty excellent. Story 5 / Art 5

You know, pacing like this just doesn't exist anymore in comics. This story could have easily been padded out into a six issue spin-off mini-series that was created to sell a trade. The fact that we're getting this sort of quality in a monthly book, and the excellent writing is a true testament to Greg Rucka.

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trugamer510 tried to look beyond the scheduling issues in's third highest pulled book last week: Captain America Reborn: Who Will Wield the Shield? Story 3 / Art 5

I’ve been a hater of Bryan Hitch since his run on Reborn started. I thought his layouts were bland and a lot of his figures felt awkward and often distorted so you can imagine my relief upon seeing Butch Guice on pencils. The art was pretty dark with a heavy emphasis on shadows which felt appropriate for the brooding tone. The panel layouts were dynamic with some overlapping and panel breaks. The figures, especially coming off of Hitch’s run, looked phenomenal. Guice did a great job choosing poses for his characters and getting their expressions just right. I’d probably have to say that the art was the strongest part of the issue.

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No one had any thoughts on New Avengers #60,'s fourth highest pulled book of last week, and that may or may not be telling.



BrianBaer is concise in his view of last week's fifth highest pulled book on Amazing Spider-Man #616. Story 5 / Art 4

This short Sandman arc has been very refreshing.  In it, we see Spider-Man facing a mature situation, in which there is no clear right or wrong decision.  Sandman is actually quite sympathetic in this story, and the focus on the young girl Keemia strengthens this moral gray area. The art was a bit inconsistent at times, but its retro feel juxtaposed the modern, complex dilemma. 

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