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akamuu speaks of Dark Avengers #7. Story 2 / Art 2

As an example of the out-of-characterness… osity… ism: Scott Summers lands at Alcatraz (via a jetpack for some reason), strikes a pose, smiles and says “Take me to your leader.” Then crosses his arms and (given his facial expression) flirtatiously taunts Norman Osborne. Then, just two panels later, his dialogue is all serious Summers badass. And he’s got a big sour puss.

vadamowens likes Fables #86 more. Story 5 / Art 3

Wow! Welcome back Fables. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Great Fables crossover and I’m grateful that we are now moving on. This dark mage looks awesome. In earlier issues, even Frau Totenkinder has addressed serious concern for something menacing and ominous on the horizon for the Fables. If I wasn’t saying it out loud before, I am now. I’m totally back into this book and I believe that the events that will ensue this issue will be even more tragic and epic than the war against the adversary.

jamesJSA vs. Kobra #2 = good.  Story 5 / Art 4

This issue continues the caption boxes from last issue, where we “hear” the thoughts of both Mr. Terrific and the Kobra agent as they react to events. It’s not like this has never been before, but it is a simple and elegant way to show the cat-and-mouse game between the two sides. The only JSA members in this issue are Mr. Terrific, Alan Scott and Power Girl. This narrowed focus really allows these characters to shine (I love the main JSA book, but the number of characters almost inevitably means not all the characters get highlighted).

Animalvader1 Buck Rogers 2. S 5 / A 4
Every good science fiction book needs to have solid science to help back it up, and Buck Rodgers delivers! I’ve been reading up on physics since I got the History channel’s “The Universe” box set, and the basic laws of Gravity outlined by writer Scott Beatty are spot on. He vaguely explains the situation to the reader in an obvious attempt to sew the seeds for a more detailed explanation later while still keeping the reader guessing how Buck wound up in the future, but those seeds are firmly rooted in modern science and Beatty has clearly done his homework here.


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  1. HAHA!!!! Damn that feels good:)  You just made my day bro.

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    So…ergonomic and refreshingly…Nordic.  

  3. Clearly someone is busy preparing for Comic Con. I specifically like the progression from "Read Entire Review >" to ">".

    Personally I think you missed two real gems: Fables #86 and Wednesday Comics #2

    I’m particularly fond of the style of the Wednesday Comics review.
    @vadamowens – We gave Fables the exact same score.  That was a damn fine issue.

  4. Look, we’ve been over this before.  The question isn’t "Why does Cyclops have a jetpack?"  The question is "Why DIDN’T Cyclops get a jetpack 30 years ago?" 

  5. that looks like a comfortable chair

  6. Poang.

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I genuinely believe Scott Summers has the ability to fly but chooses not to because it’s too frivolous. 

    "Dear Santa,

    Please bring me a whistle.

    Thank you.  

    your friend,

    Scott Summers."

    That’s not an excerpt. That’s the whole wish list, typed on a word processor, every year since age 4. 

  8. Exemplary.

  9. @Paul-That’s just silly.  Whistles are impractical.  Scott Summers has never asked for anything more than socks for Christmas.  Good ol’ white socks.

  10. That chair does look comfortable.

  11. So "JSA vs. Kobra #2" stole a technique from The Bold and the Beautiful? Buck Rogers uses a Numbers (or Psych) type transperant boards?

  12. @Paul  To be fair, he used to have a hot telekinetic girlfriend who could carry him.  Or Angel.  Would *you* cop to flying ability in those circumstances?  (Why hasn’t anyone given him a whistle yet?)

  13. If he had a whistle than the rest of the X-Team would have to pay attention to their fearless leader more.  Of course none of them would want him to have it, especially Wolverine.  You know that shit would drive him into a berserker rage.

  14. I figured Slim was the kind of kid who asked for world peace for Christmas.  Or to make his sad friends feel better.


     Dear Santa,  

    My friend Logan is awfully grouchy.  If you could please give him his memory back for Christmas, I’d be ever so happy.  And, if it’s not asking too much, could you get him to hit on my wife a little less.  Or stop drinking?

     Your pal, Scotty.

  15. @jstump-The effectiveness of the whistle would be amplified if Scott was also wearing a tracksuit, had a clipboard and was sporting a stopwatch.

  16. hey, I got a nod! That’s pretty sweet! Thanks Josh!


    I hope that helps get people to give Buck Rodgers a shot. It’s intelligent and well crafted, yet also a lot of fun to read as well. Not an easy combo to pull off for those keeping score.

  17. @animal Word!!!!

  18. Wow, that’s cool. First review I ever wrote on the site and it get’s highlighted. Thanks Josh!


    However, there is a missing word in there I would give anything to be able to put in there. "It’s not like this has never been done before…"

  19. @vadamowens– knew I had you in my corner dude.