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Look, User Reviews realize that we went missing for a few weeks but we really wish you'd just let it go and stop asking questions. What? No, User Reviews are saying that it's none of your– Right. Exactly. None of your business, so just quit asking, will ya?

Coltrane68 knows how to respect the User Review's privacy and didn't ask a single personal question in his review of New Avengers #59. He's what we like to call a stand up guy. Story 5 / Art 4

It's been said that what made Bendis's New Avengers popular in the first place was the substitution of dialogue and character moments for action. While that has some truth, Bendis, especially when paired with a good artist, writes good action scenes as well.

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JoseRivera83 might have not have said anything in his review of Superman #694, but we know how to read subtext, JoseRivera83, and honestly, what we may or many not have been doing with certain people who may or may not have been there at the time are none of your business and we'd appreciate a little more courtesy next time. Honestly. Story 3 / Art 3

Overall, I know this was an excuse to show off Mon-El's new costume and personality, but I just don't see why we needed it. With what I feel to be the slowest of the Super titles, Superman starring Mon-El feels like a teenager getting behind the wheel the first time: you hit the gas and you move a few feet, but you get scared and suddenly hit the breaks. Imagine that, but happening a few times in a row. That's how I would best describe Robinson's run on Superman.

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JRScherer thinks he knows what's he's taking about in his review of Fantastic Four #573 but User Reviews doesn't care what he thinks he read in the newspaper, no one even called User Reviews to fact check their so-called "story." What the hell has happened to journalism? That sound you hear, JRScherer, is Edward R. Murrow rolling over in his grave! Story 1 / Art 2

What an unpleasant turn of events this issue turned out to be.  I positively LOVED the last three issues, but I found this one dealing with leftovers from the Millar/Hitch run to be nigh-unreadable.  Dale Eaglesham's wonderful artwork was definitely missed, but what bothered the most was that this issue was actually written by the same guy that wrote the last three issues…

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WilliamKScurryJr is spreading lies, lies we say! Falsehoods! Prevarications! This will not stand! Oh, don't tell us you're just asking innocent questions in your review of Ultimate Avengers #4— there are no innocent questions! Why can't you just accept that User Reviews were away for a while and now we're back and WHY IS NOTHING EVER GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU?! Story 3 / Art 2

Sure, Mark Millar goes large with everything he does, but by this point, the effort seems a little rote. The Ultimate Cosmic Cube and AIM are neat reclamations, but the whole Red Skull being the son of Captain America thing is a bit weird. More importantly, the switch of inkers to Dexter Vines over Carlos Pacheco's pencils is jarring — there were some pages where Vines butchered Pacheco's intricate line work. This series, while entertaining, has little reason to exist.

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  1. I totally agree with Coltrane about ‘New Avengers’ — I’d even say that having Immonen on the book has made Bendis a better writer.  I hope this team-up lasts a good long time.

  2. New Avengers was a great issue with more Avengers than you can shake a stick at and the team of Bendis and Immonen, whose team-up on USM ended too soon, is a powerful combination.

    Fantastic Four – to each their own I suppose but I thought it was a terrific issue.  Perhaps not to the level of the ‘Solve Everything’ arc but certainly not far off.  While it my have been a stall for the sake of the artist,  Hickman does put a lot into this issue.  I don’t believe we’ve seen the last of Banner Jr. or Nu Earth.  And it seems to me after reading this issue that Hickman has big plans for Valeria.

    Ultimate Avengers – I love it and I don’t care.  I like that Millar’s version of Cap is back, I like the twist that Red Skull is his son.  It creates a hate and a fued that goes beyond politics and if handled properly could play out for a long time.   I’m also really enjoying Fury’s new team of Ultimates.

  3. Damn it, Conor!  Did you go to Thailand and get a tattoo just like my wife?!? Kids these days, with their shenanigans! *walks away curmodgeonly*

  4. No, seriously. Nobody saw nothin’. Capiche?

  5. @drake: This has not been a good week for you so far my friend.

  6. I disagree with the FF review.  I thought it was a really good issue, but I’m glad the reviewer supported his thoughts.