User Reviews Don’t Like Men of Low Character

Do they do it for others out of altruism, or do they just like the sound of their own voices (typed)? Either way, they’re here to sort out the good comics.

SilverAgeTom, in whose mind Carmine Infantino is editor-in-chief and Stan and Jack are still churning out work, also seems to have a thing for modern comics, because he dug the hell out of Dark Avengers #3

Story: 5 / Art: 5

The action is incredibly fast-paced and when the panels open up into wide shots it makes everything feel very epic, just like an Avengers comic should be. This issue doesn’t lose any momentum, if anything I think this issue shows that this concept does have legs and will continue to be one of my favorite Bendis titles.

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sgrsickness has it bad for Turok: Son of Stone Archives, Vol. 1, and he thinks you should too. Sure they’re old comics, but that doesn’t mean bad comics. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

… beneath the dust jacket lies a minimalistic work of beauty. I can’t stress enough how much fun I’m having with this book. The stories are wild and imaginative and clever with some really fantastic art work. At $49.99 it’s very pricey, however, I do not feel cheated at all. If you think you are someone who could enjoy some nice light hearted stories about two indians fighting dinosaurs, I can’t recommend this book enough



buffalowhig, whose username I can’t seem to come up with anything clever for, has had just about enough with The Punisher #3. No more of this action movie nonsense. 

Story: 2 / Art: 4

I gave this book three issues, and that’s enough for me. This series is basically Punisher done as an action movie. There are plenty of scenes of our hero narrowly avoiding explosions, running away from groups of armed assailants and jumping through windows. There’s even the requisite “look how evil of a villian I am” scene with the Hood at the beginning. All action movie staples. But the problem for me is that I’m not watching a movie, I’m reading a comic.

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PraxJarvin reminds us all that, before too long, Star Trek fever will be at a ridiculous pitch, and everyone will have forgotten about Watchmen altogether. Star Trek Countdown #3, which is somewhat unfortunately named, seems to be doing the trick.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I’ll start this out by noting, I’m a big Star Trek fan. I entered this series expecting to learn something about the forthcoming film. To my surprise, I’m getting a story that both ties into the film, but seems to be able to stand on its own. These characters, who I grew up with and have high expectations of their depiction, are written so close to the the show it hurts. And in tie-in media, I count this very high.

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Oh man, it feels good to get that out of the way doesn’t it? Well, it does for me, since it’s the first thing I do on a Monday. Okay, too far inside. I get it. Back off alright. Read the rest of those reviews here!


  1. Totally 100% agree with buffalo about Punisher.

    No where near the quality of the MAX line, and it’s pretty much more of the same that what Fraction tried to offer. Basically, if you liked War Journal, then you’ll like this comic. If you didnt like Punisher (and possibly prefered the MAX title) then your going to hate this Punisher.

  2. I’m loving the new Punisher series it reminds me of 24

  3. I don’t get the praise Enis’ Punisher MAX series gets. It’s Punisher, only EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME!

  4. @muddi:…….You dont know…..

  5. Are you guys ridiculous fans of "Unforgiven", or what’s with the "men of low character" references?  Not that I could fault you, it’s a freakin’ masterpiece.

  6. Conor and myself certainly are.

    Although, i sort of lost the metaphor when I started thinking about quoting a lot from a movie that was almost 20 years old.