User Reviews Didn’t Forget You. Now Come Back to Bed.

We’re back on the ball, and that means we’ve got to highlight some User Reviews, and take a look at some books that the 3 of us miss.

cam 23 is indirectly guilting me for raving about Abnett and Lanning on other stuff, but then not reading their Authority work. In my defense, the Authority have sucked for the better part of a decade while people try and recapture the original magic. But apparently, by The Authority #8, things are still going well. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Here in issue #8, having dealt with the series’ first villain (an extra-nihilistic Eidolon) and wrapped up the refreshingly uncompetitive crossover with Stormwatch, they’re ready to start having some fun.

Luckily for us their idea of fun is to keep everybody in character, give them a lot of good lines, and put them in a predicament that’s half old-school Authority ass-kicking and half slyly comic ‘WTF?’ The idea of Midnighter trapped in an alternate reality as a rural vicar (and stoically playing out the role for a week as he waited for the others to find him!) is priceless.


odare77 (apparently a Starman fan born in the same year as me…) gives his humble entreaty for you to pick up I Am Legion #2 from the joint Devil’s Due/Humanoids deal. So seriously, what are you waiting for? (I didn’t buy this.)

Story: 4 / Art: 5

I know there is a lot of debate over the format, and I do love the traditional album size. I think Cassaday’s art suffers a little here as it was meant for that Franco Belgian format, however the most important thing is that the stuff is being printed somehow.

About that art, it truly is phenomenal. It’s detailed and kinetic, it looks like a movie on the page.


BrikHed, who, it must be said, always brings something different to the review pool, would have noticed, going to the last couple of major conventions, a lot of Jersey Gods t-shirts at the Image booth. But what he did notice was that Jersey Gods #2 was quite good.  A good sign is that Darwyn Cooke is willing to do a cover for you. 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

I just finished the second issue of Jersey Gods and I must compliment both Glen and Dan for taking things up a notch. The first issue was a nice introduction and gave us a heck of a cliff hanger. The story was great and the art was amazing but it left me curious about things. Since I read the preview that was released in Invincible I just kept waiting to see how Zoe and Barack became a couple and felt like this was just going to be a quick way to get me there… I was wrong.


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TheNextChampion has tried and will continue to fail (maybe just to irritate him really) to get me to read Deadpool, but in the midst of the crossover with the Thunderbolts, Deadpool #8 keeps him happy, so I suppose that’s some solace.

Story: 4 / Art: 5

There are a lot of jokes thrown into this issue, some good (mostly on Osborn’s hair, and some nice banter of Deadpool’s personality) and some bad but again the good jokes out weigh the bad for the most part. This issue also has probably the longest use of ‘Pool-O-Vision’ and it certainly is funny…. although it does outstay it’s welcome after awhile. I wont spoil you what the big joke is, but that image of Osborn in Deadpool’s vision…. certainly one of the funniest images of the year for me.


So are we cool now? User Reviews still care.  Always have.  It’s just that User Reviews have other things going on is all.  Finish reading the rest of these and come back to bed.


  1. i may have to pick up that deadpool issue now

  2. Far be it from me to bash something that hasn’t even come out yet, but the tone of Deadpool is so jarringly different from the tone of Thunderbolts that I cannot imagine how this crossover could succeed from a storytelling standpoint. I look forward to User Reviews telling me I’m wrong in a week or two.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I imagine they’re going for contrast.  Showing the same events behind two very different lenses.  The Goofus and Galant effect.  

  4. I am actually thinking I will drop Thunderbolts because of this crossover, and I was just getting into it.  Enough users have stated that Deadpool is a great book, I just have no interest in it.  None at all. 

    Plus, I, like Josh, live to irritate TheNextChampion.

  5. The art on Deadpool has been great.  I can understand the writing not being for everyone (though I generally like it a lot), but I think if people just flip through an issue they might be more tempted to pick it up

  6. So that’s how it is eh! Ha I get the joke…..I am a living punchline -_-;

    I am also a bit worried about this crossover with the Thunderbolts. I mentioned it in my review that this is what I have been looking forward too the most in Dark Reign. But I just dont know how Diggle is going to handle Deadpool. People can laugh it off if they want to but Deadpool is a hard character to write. So far, to my knowledge anyways, Joe Kelly, Fibian Nicziea (spelled that wrong), and Daniel Way have all done a terrific job with him….But I can see Paul’s point happening where the Deadpool issues will be funny, while the Thunderbolts issues will be grim and gritty. We’ll see how it goes.

    But the first trade of Deadpool is out guys…..I mean….it has the Secret Invasion issues and two more….it’s a good deal….on instocktrades or DCBS….please?….If your gonna read Secret Six then you gotta read this!

  7. Ha ha. I read the first two issues of Deadpool. They weren’t bad but i’ll not going to take them to the first tuesday of the month book club

  8. For the last time User Reviews I don’t want to play gladiator!