User Reviews Deserved the Oscar

The iFanbase keeps kicking ass and writing reviews.  And while that shouldn’t be on a t-shirt or anything, it’s still important for those of us who need to know which comics should be bought.  Yes, that is in fact the literal and exact use of User Reviews.  Thank God we got that cleared up.

Chlop took a long look at Comic Book Comics #1, and if you want to know about the origins of comic book creators, but don’t want to bother with all those volumes of text in others books, but instead really want nice little drawings with their stories, this the book for you.  It should also be noted that the majority of the review was completely coherent. 

Story: 4  / Art: 4

In this issue you learn about the Disney and Fleischer feud and the development of the animation medium and comics medium, and poverty, worker abuse and greedy businessmen are talked about but not in a doom and gloom way so this isn’t a “life sucks, kids” comic book. You learn about the origins of Superman, about Jack Kurtzberg and about several other people.


BC1 sounds the Dark Horse trumpet once more (apparently Paul Montgomery chants of Dark Horse power have been taking root. You should fear him…). With only one more issue to go, Rex Mundi #16 is chugging along to a great conclusion. (Seriously, don’t tell Paul. That guy’s attitude lately is just…) 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Arvid Nelson has crafted an amazing story over the years, and it looks to be a great inclusion in the collection of Grail lore and the genre of alternative history. Check it out in trades if you have not been reading this, as it’s been one of the best books coming out from Dark Horse.


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buffalowhig picks up the Dark Avengers #2 ball, and following in true iFanboy fashion, he picked up on the ever-so-irksome Sentry, who continues to… exist. He also mentioned the issue a little bit at the end. 

Story: 2 / Art: 4

Sentry, Sentry, Sentry… Does Bendis continue to use the Sentry just to irk us fanboys? Or perhaps he has something awesome planned for the character that’s tucked away in his back pocket, ready to be pulled out as soon as public outcry over how crappy the Sentry is reaches fever pitch? I don’t know. But after reading this issue, and trying to figure out whether what the Sentry did was out of character or not, it dawned on me that I shouldn’t be giving it too much thought, because I really don’t care about the Sentry.


cyberauron discovers that, once again, Joe Casey can take almost any seemingly dead and lifeless property, and make it interesting. Such was the case with Death Defying Devil #3, regardless of being part of Alex Ross’ Project Superpowers

Story: 4 / Art: 5

If you would have told me that the most interesting character coming out of Dynamite’s Project Superpower line was a man in a half red half blue body suit and carrying a boomerang on his spike belt I would say that you were crazy, but you’re not. This character is called the Death Defying Daredevil and he is one of the few characters from Project Superpowers to get their own mini-series.

You know, all in all, it’s probably for the best that User Reviews didn’t walk away with the honors. Last year, User Reviews went on a legendary bender, and crashed its Ferrari into an elementary school playground. Public relations nightmare.

Still, in the middle of all that community service, go ahead and read the rest of the week’s reviews.


  1. Wow, denied AGAIN. What’s a guy gotta do to get a review spotlighted around here?


  2. @FACE: Oh the things I did…heh heh….



    ‘Here’s your sandwich Mr. conor!’

  3. I got features on my first review.  In yo’ face FACE! 😛

    Wasn’t Comic Book Comics #1 released a few months ago?  I thought it was already up to issue #3?  I could be wrong of course.

  4. I thought the use of the Sentry in Dark Avengers was just great.

    Sentry: "Did I make a booboo?"

  5. I’ll try harder next time…

    @drakedanger – yes. Issue #3 came out recently. I’m lazy so I didn’t write the review for a long time. Issue #2 should arrive already (4 to 6 weeks delivery), and I’ll buy issue #3, maybe next month… I’ll see. If I can pull them I might write a review about them. The next review is Deadpool Classic TP #1 and maybe after that The Highwaymen TP. I take my time 🙂

    Also don’t expect clarity or ease of reading. 

  6. @chlop-I wasn’t ragging on you for reviewing an older title or anything.  I was just curious because I thought that the iFanboys only highlighted book reviews for new titles.  Clarity is for suckers.

  7. I called the ADL and told them to abort… just in time. iFanboy works in mysterious ways. Do not question its judgement or they will smite you.

    Actually it’s part of the affirmative action… 25 percent of reviews needs to be of minorities. 

  8. FACE, you’ve gotten plenty of spotlight, haven’t you?  It’s a matter of book choice, timing, and review writing.  Things gotta align.

  9. Then again I havent given conor a sandwich in awhile….that explains my omit 🙂

    (I’m kidding I’m kidding)

  10. @josh – could’ve sworn i covered the bases..

    (1) Somewhat obscure book – check

    (2) Non-confrontational – check

    (3) Relatively amusing – check

    (4) Slanderous remarks about The Sentry – shit!

  11. Spider-Man Back In Black TP isn’t that obscure, and I doubt I was amusing… the formula needs more work to perfect it.