User Reviews Begin the Week Anew

Last week was a little light, but there were certainly comics worth talking about, and talk you did.  Well actually, type you did.


KreiderDesigns went against the grain, and loved the hell out of Marvel Apes #1. C’mon everyone, it wasn’t that bad was it? 

Story: 5 / Art: 5

This issue was chest-beating good! It was hokey in all the right places and came with a twist that I did not see coming. Halfway between a light-hearted, carefree romp and a weighty story, Marvel Apes #1 did not disappoint, mainly because I had no expectations.

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CleophusWayne, who is a distant Appalachian cousin of Batman from what I understand, reports on Secret Invasion: Frontline #3, a brave move following Civil War: Frontline, and it ain’t all that bad. 

Story: 3 / Art: 3

From the few things I’ve read by Brian Reed I’m becoming a fan and this continues his streak of solid books. Frontline isn’t perfect but, perhaps, when held up against its earlier incarnations it feels that way. The premise of the book is finally met and we get into the lives of very normal people in New York on the first day of the Skrull invasion.

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Fractal514 was quite excited to get his hands on Fables #75, and he was not disappointed. Once again, the iFanbase show Ron and Conor where they can stick it, and more people chose Fables as their Pick of the Week than any other book, myself included. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

From the preview I read in Wizard Magazine, (alright, you have the right to rag on me), to this afternoon as I sat in my car and devoured the book and my lunch with equal voracity, this book has never let me down. Clever writing, fantastic art, and a keen use of continuity add up to one of the most reader rewarding books currently being produced.

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CAM felt much the same way about Glamourpuss #2 as I did about the first issue. Pretty, but what am I reading this for? The book actually came out a few weeks back, but that makes the review no less relevant. 

Story: 1 / Art: 5

Well, I finally managed to track this down, and to be honest I’m still not sure what to make of it. Where exactly are we going with this? Is there an over-arching storyline? I don’t think Sim has ever said there was going to be, but I have to admit it feels like I’m reading a text book sometimes and I’m not an art student.

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We’ll meet back here in a week to go over the more reviews.  That is because comics never stop.  Thanks for helping us pick which one’s are worth spending our time and money on.



  1. The reviews have been crazy good lately.  An old pro like me has a hard time keeping up with the flood that happens on Wednesday.  A nice job and hearty pat on the back to everyone that writes these things. 

    I’ll try and man up this week and get a couple of my own in.

  2. I have to agree with Neb that the reviews have been solid recently.  There are a few reviewers who seem to maintain their objectivity and consistently deliver quality reviews.  There have been times in the last week where I would go to write a review and find one already written that says essentially what I wanted to say, but in a more eloquent fashion. 

    @Neb – Please keep it up.  Your reviews are always quality work.

  3. Yeah, I’ve decided to try and make more of an effort as well.  If nothing else it helps keep critical thinking sharp right?  It just seems the time I have in front of a computer is always at work.  Some days I can wax philosophic for hours, but of course those are the days I don’t have my books with me so reviews all come from memory.  Still, nice to see my name in lights up there 🙂

  4. @stuchlach: I know what you mean. I’m right about to do a review and all of a sudden I read the review from another guy after I posted mine…..and it’s much better then mine….Yes I’m looking at you, you bastard! 😛 lol jp

    Anyways the reviews are always good! Especially now that we can sift threw pages and see old reviews. Although I would love to see more reviews from the trinity on this site…although that would make the podcast pointless wouldnt it?

  5. Yeah, you’ll have to invent the "extra hour" portion of the day.

  6. Oh I would make an extra hour to see more comic gold from this site….More hours, more months, more work for all of you! Ha! But yeah 24 hours is good enough, this site is perfect why make it more work then fun on this site? 🙂

  7. @TheNextChampion – We seem to share the same opinion on a number of books.  Maybe we should start trading off on books.  Something like "The Bastards’ Weekly Review".  Or we could just keep posting multiple reviews on the off chance that we actually disagree.

    @Josh (Lockjawsh) – Like the new avatar.  I have actually invented the "Extra Hour", but the FDA won’t approve it.  

  8. Why must I compete with speed and excellence to get noticed?!  I’m not a machine!!!!

  9. @stuclach: Well considering we’re getting Booster Gold and GLC this week we’ll see how it goes 🙂 Problem is the rest of your list is books I’ve dropped so I can argue as much as I can lol

  10. @TheNextChampion – I can understand the drops on a number of those books.  I am not sure why I am still buying GA/BC, but with SI and FC: Revelations I feel like there is too much promise there to drop them.  I am going to get the second printing of Black Panther #39 because I bought BP #40 based on your suggestion and liked it so much.

    I assume you will review BG and GLC, so I will plan on not reviewing them unless I adamantly disagree with you.

  11. I’m just stoked that I have a job now and can buy comics weekly instead of whenever I get some extra scratch.

    @Josh- just listened to the podcast, thank you for not making me feel like an idiot for liking Marvel Apes.