User Reviews are, uh… what was I saying?


Every like, uh, week, users are totally writing reviews that are like, you know… all… like, helpful ‘n stuff.  It’s like when… what was that dude’s name?  It’s like when he was doing that… thing with the muffins.  Right? 

I’m starving.  Where’s the closest 7-11?  I could like, ravage a Twinkie, man.

DemonBoy is…. AAAHHH!!!!! Demon!!!!!  Wait… sorry, man.  Just got a little freaked out.  He’s like all about Transformers All Hail Megatron #12.  AAAAHHHH!!!  Giant evil robots!!!!  Story 5 / Art 5

Note to big event writers : This is how you do a 12-issue story arc!  From beginning to end, this book has been required reading for any fan of the Transformers.  I really would love to see this story animated, similar to how GI : Joe Resolute was handled…a little more adult oriented and modernized, but keeping most of the Generation One goodness that we grew up with.

changingshades thinks Guardians of the Galaxy #15 is like a hip, hip comic man.  All with, like cool stuff and everything.  Plus, like… his shades are changing, man.  I can see them.  Story 5 / Art 3

Not only is this book a testament of how Abnett and Lanning are able to keep all the War of Kings balls in the air (seriously, there are 4 books going on right now, and they all keep the plot going forward with the barest amount of overlap, unlike say New and Dark Avengers that has had scenes play out exactly the same in both books), but this book also takes characters that would be generously considered 5th tier, if not out and out joke characters, and takes them to insane levels of awesome. Seriously, I can’t be the only person that wants to buy an “I AM GROOT” t-shirt.

You know what’s awesome about Twinkies?  It’s filling, man!  Like, you see them, and they’re like, so what?  Big deal, right?  All yellow and squishy, and it’s like, why, right?  Why do I even want it?  Sure, it like, smells alright and stuff, but man, if you just take that bite, and…and I’m not talking like a little bite or nothing, but like really, you know, like eating the thing.  So you’re hanking down on that Twinkie, and you’re like “this is cool,” but then that cream hits, and you’re just like, yes.  That’s what I’m saying, man.  Like… yes.

What were we talking about?

Bedhead… Heh.  Been there man.  What?  Oh yeah.  Northlanders #18 is like some fucking cosmic level shit.  But like…vikings!  Hell yeah.  Story 5 / Art 3

This is a simple tale of three women who fought back against the apparently never-ending rape and pillage of Viking times, an insane act of rebellion that defied the forces of history, power, and myth in their culture. And for an explication for this revolution in gender rolls Woods provides us merely with: “We are simply playthings of the gods, nothing more, and so I cannot explain why we did what we did.” He then lets the actions of these three women, along with their casual conversation (no deep flash-back explorations of character) carry the weight of the narrative, and you can’t help but be carried along with it.

Seriously, I can’t find them>

InfectiousFunk says Gotham City Sirens #1 is that that show.  You know, the one with the guy with the….  by that guy.  You know which one I mean, man.  That show.  Totally, just like it.  Story 5 / Art 5

Harley, oh my dear sweet Harley, “Mr. J” forever in my mind, in that voice. Why are you so good at what you do Paul Dini? The dialogue was fun, smart, sarcastic, and it was great to see so many familiar faces in the changing city; even Boneblaster was excited to meet all the “oldschool” villains.

That’s it, man!  Reviewed! 

I put the other reviews somewhere, but where did I….

Shit!  My mom’s gonna be totally pissed.  Not cool, man.  Not cool.


  1. You’re on a roll with the User Reviews lately 🙂

  2. This was silly 🙂

  3. love the shot from dazed and confused. I like, totally forgot about that awsome film man!

  4. So josh smokes the reefer? Makes all sense now 🙂

  5. [looks at naked wrist] Hey man, I gotta go. 

  6. Dude, I just realized that’s from Slackers, not Dazed and Confused. My bad, man.

  7. this made me giggle josh. thank you sir. you have won the day today

  8. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    What is with the iFanboys and Twinkies?  Seems to be a theme since Wednesday.  Not that I mind!  Lord knows that after a hard day of work, sometimes I like to sit down in a comfy recliner, put my feet up and enjoy a golden Twinkie.

  9. @TNC I’m pretty sure Josh barely even drinks let alones smokes.  Which makes his usual behaviour all the more confusing 🙂

  10. Either Josh has never smoked before and is basing his "stoner schtick" on movies like Dazed and Confused OR he smokes A LOT.  Either way, enjoyable post.  Keep up the crazy.

  11. Ifanboy crew, really appreciate you guys hi-lighting another one of my reviews.  As ever, you rock.  Thanks!

  12. Same here, with the review highlighting 🙂  Thanks!