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robbydzwonar gives the business to Batman: Battle For The Cowl – The Underground #1. Story 2 / Art 1

Wow, what a mess this was.  Everything seems to be straight out of 1992 here.  The retelling of Knightfall and Danny DeVito reprising his role at the Penguin from Batman Returns.  I thought Battle For The Cowl was supposed to be bringing us into the future of Batman mythologies? Although the Batman comics from that era probably had a lot better art then The Underground #1!  Harley Quinn and Catwoman didn’t even attract my eye whatsoever.  This guy can’t even make girls look good.  Yuck.  This art is a mess!!

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patio gets literary in his praise for Uncanny X-Men #508. Hey, as long as he’s enjoying it. Story 5 / Art 3

“Matt, Matt… you’re glib! You don’t even know what Kwannon is!” That’s what my inner Tom Cruise was saying as I read this issue. The thing is, Matt Fraction has a voice, a strong voice, in these X-Men books, the likes of which I haven’t read in a long time. And it can be a little bit Holly-Go-Lightly at times. But it’s the breath of fresh air that this title needed to break from the yoke that was sitting around it’s neck.

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akamuu is feeling rather blase about Literals #1, the third part of the big Fables crossover. What is this, 2006? Story 2 / Art 4

It’s rare that a #1 issue isn’t a jumping on point, but that’s the case here.  This is part 3 of the Fables crossover, and it’s not very exciting.  Overall, The Literals, and Kevin Thorn is a great concept: a character who is, essentially, the God of Fables has a magic pen that allows him to revise the Universe at will.  But something about this arc just doesn’t, at all, grab me.

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dharmabum slips a little commentary into his review of Captain America: Theater of War – Brother in Arms. Story 5 / Art 5

I really liked this Captain America story because it was a classic heroes tale. This story reminds us of the difference between classic (real) heros like Cap and Superman who never compromise their morals; and the modern anti-hero like the Punisher who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, including compromising their morals.

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  1. Holly Golightly??

  2. still working up the nerve to one of these. For the most part they are all well thought out and written i don’t always agree…..