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drakedangerz is readin’ that Invincible Iron Man #16, Eisner’s Best New Series.  But next year… watch out for MAYHEM!  Story 5 / Art 4

The real high points of this issue are the small moments between Pepper and Tony. It is during these moments that we stare right into the characters and realize, at the same time they do, that they were always meant to be together. It all builds up to the point where Masque asks Tony to make a choice; a choice I was expecting to take up the bulk of the issue and leave us on a cliffhanger. But no, Fraction uses this moment to show us just how much Tony loves Pepper. There is no hesitation, no regret, and no time for celebration. Amazing.

trugamer510 been lovin’ Secret Six #12 since way back.  Why you ain’t got no love for MAYHEM?!  Story 4 / Art 4

I’ve been loving Secret Six since Gail Simone wrote Villains United. The series has been both consistently hilarious and action packed since it debuted some four years ago. It actually reminds me a lot of the Deadpool books but what makes this stand out a bit more is the team dynamic and the fact that you get a few more unique personalities to deal with. Now, I will say that I didn’t particularly like the last issue. It was a bit muddled and lacked a lot of the humor found in most of the series but this one was a return to form.

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Bedhead didn’t read Mayh– wait, that’s a new JMS book?  Red Circle the Hangman #1? Why ain’t nobody said nothin’? Story 2 / Art 1

The Hangman is a standard origin issue, showing how a Civil War doctor wrongly accused of spying made a deal with The Devil/God to become The Hangman (article included). Now seemingly immortal, The Hangman uses a horse, a healing factor, and a magically disappearing mustache to defend all those who have been similarly wrongly accused. The Hangman also sports a KKK-like hood and a noose dangling from his neck, which, besides from being fantastically impractical, are fairly offensive–hate to be the poor wrongly accused black dude who sees this guy running down some alley to “save” him. The comic as a whole is pretty terrible.

SirCox puts that Mayhem all up your think with Mayhem #1!  He– what’s that?  Apparently this ain’t about my boys, all up in MAYHEM, but The Boys #33Story 4 / Art 3

I think the brilliance of this comic isn’t how much that Garth Ennis completely slanders and destroys the mythos of superheroes. That is the funniest part about this comic for sure, but I think the brilliance is how much Garth can change the tone of this comic from balls to the wall to very subtle. This was a very balls to the wall issue though. Tons of blood shed and and a lot of cool panels(although I am missing Robertson on this title so bad).

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So wait!  Hold up! Hold up! Hold up!  Ain’t nobody gon’ talk about MAYHEM?!?!  This is some bullshit up in here. 

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  1. Its crazy when ConcreteLoop is taking pics at a comic related event

  2. You know, in all the business of that photo, I didn’t even see that.

    Oh well, it’s Mayhem, so suppose it fits.

  3. Thanks for featuring the 3rd review I’ve ever done for the site.  I’m now 2 for 3!!



  4. It would’ve been nice had the book been good, its not like any more terrible than anything else I can think of but if had it been good it may have gotten some more people into comics.  Although some people seem to have trouble understanding the fact that comics come out monthly and supporting the book would mean buying it every month.

  5. Is Tyrese Gibson gonna have to choke a bitch?

    Seriously though, if the ifanbase doesn’t stop writing flattering reviews of Secret Six I’m going to have to give it a second chance. 

  6. It’s a weird guilt thing I have going that I keep bringing it up.

  7. A new JMS book?

    Anybody… anybody remember that old JMS book? The one that should have been finished five times over by now? Easily in the time it took to start a new book?

    This new one sounds interesting. Everyone enjoy never knowing how it ends.

  8. Whoa pleasant suprise, my review is up here.


    In all honesty, Tyrese might have to bring the MAYHEM to my LCS because I did not see that book anywhere.

  9. Wait for the paperback Jimski.  Wait for that.

  10. @Jimski. You’re still waiting on the Twelve, too? Yeah, I gave up a while ago.

  11. Oh Josh, you are so silly.  You realize, of course, that this gives Tyrese grounds to kick the crap…er…excuse me, go all MAYHEM on your ass, right?

  12. @Neb-Just one of Tyrese’s abs could kill Josh.  No joke.

  13. Promotion is promotion right?

  14. I must have missed the last few issues of the Twelve since JMS is starting up a brand new comic.

  15. I think they just dropped it without finishing or trading it

  16. @Jimski @Anson17  The Twelve is a lot like a puppy that a recently broken up couple got when they were together.  Only one of them has the place for it but the other one doesn’t want them to have it so they hold it hostage or give it away in spite.  Conceptually, there are a lot of similarities between the Archies heroes and the idea of the Twelve.  If you want to see the ending of the Twelve, Red Circle is probably as close as you’re going to get.

  17. This just reminds me that I had quite a few pictures of Tyrese hanging in my freshman dorm room. 

  18. We’ve….heh…We’ve given more promotion to this MAY-HEM then anyone else in the internet. Even Tyrese Gibson thinks we’re over doing it.


  19. A-hem, Someone is feelin’ a little guilty for dissin’ Someone’s performance in Transformers 2. Just sayin’.

  20. What performance? He shot a gun and yelled.

  21. Truly the Laurence Olivier of our time

  22. Wow, thanks again for hi-lighting one of my reviews!  May you always be blessed with the Mayhem.  Unless, you know, you want to like do something calm and relaxing. In that case, you probably should leave the mayhem behind.  

  23. @josh~ It was a nuanced performance.  He wasn’t yelling or shooting at the Transformers.  He was yelling about the societal woes of our time and shooting at the demons that haunt him at night.  Very lyrical stuff…


  24. you know, you got to admire the hustle. 

  25. Hate the game, not the player, right?

  26. May-HEM!

  27. C’mon ma homies, how many May-HEM!’s can we get up in here? R’body hawlla on the thread!


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  30. @s30 I’m agreeing with neb, except I’m doing it way cooler than usual…

  31. MAY-HEM!

    I’m all over it.


  32. @neb: @s30 I’m agreeing with neb, except I’m doing it way cooler than usual… …what?


  33. one measly mayhem!? poor effort guys.


  35. Yo, if Mayhem be tight, all you need is one.

  36. @josh: LOL very true. did you get my e-mail btw? you’ll luvit and know excactly what i’m talking about when you do. i guess that Mayhem there counts too.

    and yours kickass despite the randomly inserted explitives. Woop!

    I WILL derail this thread. May-HEM! May-HEM! Mayhem Mayhem May-HEM!

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