User Reviews Are Saving Marvel Reviews for Next Week

The user review coffers overflowed this week, and if you need a whole lot of viewpoints on Captain America and Uncanny X-Men, check out all the reviews.  Me, I could pick, so I went with some other options.  Time’s a wastin’ so let’s get on with it.

chewie810 is reading and enjoying Rann/Thanagar Holy War #4, and seems to like it, so why aren’t more people hip to this?  Take your shot and convince them, chewie.

Story: 4 / Art: 4

The art is great and the action scenes are drawn in a dynamic way. The transitions between scenes are laid out in a way that even if the location names were absent you would be aware of the change and able to figure out where the action is now. This is a great cosmic comic that really highlights DC’s often neglected sci-fi elements. Starlin has proven to me that he could provide DC with a similar revival of their cosmic characters as that of DnA with Marvel’s.

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Muady has a different take on Vertigo’s Air #1 than many I’ve seen, and it’s not without its merit. 

Story: 5 / Art: 4

The comic moves through settings in very rapid pace, but seldom offers any cues to differentiate between the times and places the reader is ushered though. This has a lot to do with Blythe, our main character, whose life… as far as we know… is just one long flight; and as an acrophobic, her willingness to put up with that makes the prospect ever more daunting, and hints at her own strength at a character. So at once the books reads both as an utter slog  and as a fast paced introduction to the various players an intrigues the book plans to deal with.

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Crippler tells the world about Trinity #12 proves that the folks who left the book blew it. Oh yeah, he says it was good, and this is no Countdown

Story: 4 / Art: 4

This one’s for all the haters. You thought that Countdown was a waste of paper? I can understand where you’re coming from. You thought that Trinity started off too slowly? You weren’t alone. You dropped Trinity and vociferously claim that it ‘sucks’? Shut your pie hole, quit your whining and read issue 12. If it doesn’t change your tune then you’re hopeless anyway. 

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is trying to clue us all in to the wonder of IDW’s The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #2. He’s make a good case for it. So, much like chewie before you, Ripper, convince us! Convince us all!

Story: 4 / Art: 3

The IDW line of Transformers books have got to be the best-written comic books that nobody is talking about. There’s a lot of attention being given to Secret Invasion, Final Crisis and monkey comics, but Transformers isn’t on the top of anybody’s list even though it should be. On the one hand, Transformers Spotlight has been absolutely riveting; All Hail Megatron is positively scary.

And there you bloody have it.  Don’t forget to read the other reviews out there.  We couldn’t hope to keep up with this many books, and you reviewers help fill the gaps.  Everyone else, read and comment on them, and life will remain happy.  Thanks all.


  1. I second the Trinity #12 review (other than the shut your pie hole comment, feel free to keep your pie hole open and continue to shove pie into it). 

    I was bored out of my mind by the first few issues, but it has really picked up and is actually the book I read first to get me in a good mood before reading the other books in my stack.  It’s generally isn’t the best book I read, but is enjoyable (including the backup stories) enough to put me in a good mood. 

  2. About "air" — I’m usually not a fan of out-of-sequence narration, unless I can see a damn good reason for it, but I actually found this issue easy to follow.  My problem wasn’t with the time cuts, so much as the fact that several male characters looked exactly alike.  I gave the issue a good review, but I’m also wondering about the ‘hook’ thing.  I think the problem may be Blythe.  She’s got the ‘passive protagonist’ problem, where stuff mostly happens to her, rather than her taking action and initiating anything.  That might be subverted eventually, but the fact that the first issue is mostly about her being threatened/rescued/seduced by various men doesn’t make me interested in her.   

  3. Trinity’s really bringing it. Starting to remind me of the Justice League animated series.


  4. I picked up the last 3 issues on Trinity and they weren’t bad. I had dropped it after that way too long fight with the purple alien, urgh!

    I love the CSA so it has a brief reprieve.

  5. I was a huge fan of Starlin and Ron Lim’s work back in the old Silver Surfer, Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet days. I heard about this book several issues ago and tried picking it up; couldn’t understand what was going on. Is this book accessible to Marvel Zombies who don’t know much DC besides The Batman and The Superman? The pencils are just gorgeous, but I don’t know who these people are or what they are talking about! (and isn’t Thanagar Hawkman’s planet? I’m not sure I wanna dive into that after Conor’s mini about Hawkman’s continuity problems!)

  6. @MarkS Yes, fight with wierd purple alien went on forever and didn’t have a point. Dropped the book after issue 4 or 5. Can’t say I’m happy to have given up on Mark Bagley after buying every single issue of Ult. SM