User Reviews Are Pumped! WOO!

Yeah!  Let’s DO this thing!  Woo!  User Reviews are gonna rock this shit!  Woo!

Invasionforce is psyched to that Matt Fraction is pushing the envelope and standing tall on Invincible Iron Man #13Story 4 / Art 4

This issue is mainly character development and exposition, and I thought it was a very good read. Fraction shows how honorable, dependable and extraordinarily loyal Tony Stark’s friends are. From Maria Hill to Pepper Potts to Dmitri Bukharin, they’ve all got Tony’s back, and are interesting characters in their own right. I love how Fraction gets small details right in an effort to create a greater impression of realism.

Trichon is all about going house on Action Comics Annual #12.  Break ’em off a piece of that!  Story 5 / Art 3

I like how he took Chris and really did something with the character. I thought that he might have been a throw-away character in the long run but Rucka took him and hit the ground running. Cant wait to see how Rucka and the team do next with this book.

Grab a Dew and check out this sick air from Tony Hawk!  Woo!

JesTr needs a comic that is both radical and perhaps even tubular.  Destroyer #3 is all that.  Story 4 / Art 5

Damn!!! This is like Invincible meets the Punisher. This isn’t a deep comic, it doesn’t make you think, it’s just pure bloody and gruesome fun. Despite this comic being a MAX title it has a really old school feel to it. Kirkman and Walker continue to make a great team.

akamuu provided a very thoughtful, albeit ultimately damning take on Jonathan Hickman’s return to Red Mass to Mars #3.  Thematically he…er…360 NOLLIE BACKFLIP!!!  WOO!!!  Story 2 / Art 3

In some respects, I’m lucky that this was an easy read, because it all came back to me as I read it. Apocalyptic story about a guy who could save the doomed Earth but is likely to choose not to. And my problem with this story is that, unlike his very plot-focused, intense other work, this comic reads like the outline to a mediocre comic book. It could be a really cool version of The Superman mythos, wherein Kal-El’s father is forced to kill the baby to save Krypton, instead of sending him away. I think that’s what Hickman intended. But there’s no passion or empathy for characters here because they’re just chalk outlines.

Man, I am totally stoked.  Yup, stoked right out.  All stokey…

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