User Reviews Are of Varied Opinions on The Same Thing

Today we have assembled for you a crack team of comic book pundits who will give you their take on James Robinson and Mark Bagley's Justice League of America #42!

Truthseeker finds reason for hope in Justice League of America #42. Story 4/5 – Art 4/5

As a long suffering Justice League fan I must say I couldn't be happier with the turn this book is taking. Robinson has stepped clear of the previous roster and creative team. He has begun to develop a roster that represents what is going on in the larger DCU, but is drawing threads from some of the previous runs. He is creating new threads, introducing new concepts and really breaking away from the doldrums of the past creative team.

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TechnoViking directs his loud, bass heavy nordic ire at Justice League of America #42. Story 2/5 – Art 3/5

So far the "Justice Titans" is no different story wise since the departure of the Big 7. The story is so haphazard, I keeping feeling like I'm missing a issue, not including the last Cry for Mercy, I mean Justice issue. Bagley is really phoning in this art work on many pages also.

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XsandOhs (who has a fantastic username) must have fallen into some kind of Hot Tub Time Machine while holding Justice League of America #42. Story 3/5 – Art 3/5

It is the second issue of the new team. (Is it me or does this cover remind you of the Bwah-ha-ha Justice League's second issue?) Anyway, the story is all over the place with timelines and characters and crazy weapons trying to be obtained by New God-ish foes. The saving grace is the characterization of new Batman in regards to team dynamics (as Hal taking his orders and Kory feels uncomfortable). The art was fine. It gives the books at 80s feel.

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Reform doesn't so much review Justice League of America #42 as recap it. Story 3/5 – Art 4/5

The world's greatest superheroes the Justice League of America have a lot to deal with in issue #42. It starts with GreenArrow at the point of no return then jumps to Starfire, Donna, Batman and Hal against a crazed, rampaging Atlas. I loved Batman giving an order to Green Lantern and seeing – Bat: weird giving an order to Hal & GL: weird taking an order from Dick.

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  1. I thought the issue was pretty solid, but not fabulous.  I gave it a 3/5. 

  2. I really love Bagley drawing batman and green lantern monthly. its just damn good

  3. @RoiVampire – Which GL book will Bagley be drawing?


  4. I thought the issue was pretty average, but showed potential.  I agree with what was said on the podcast about Bagley not being the right choice.

    I’m just putting up with the book for the JT Krul mini coming up. Love me some Krul.

  5. @amircat  he’s drawing GL and batman in this book, the JLA book

  6. @RoiVampire: I agree. Bagley’s one of my favorite artists and even though he may not be the right feel for this book he’s great in other arena of comics. His flashback pages for Alias kept me up late at night. All those purple man sequences creeped me out.