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Wait! I remember! Androidmoser was saying something about how much he loved Greg Rucka's Blackest Night Wonder Woman #1. Didn't Rucka used to write Wolverine? Man, I wish he'd written that last movie. I wonder if Jackman's really going to do another one of those. It'd be great if the next one had a musical number. That guy's got a set a' pipes on him. Oh! Sorry! You were saying? (Story 5 / Art 5)

Even the structure of the issue is unexpected, with this first issue feeling more like a one-shot than the first part of a three issue mini. And Nicola Scott's art is the perfect match to Rucka's script, balancing a classy representation of Wonder Woman with zombie awesomeness. But it's Rucka's characterization of Wonder Woman that really sells this issue, capturing the complexities of a battle-tested warrior who is driven by her love for humanity. As Diana says, "Life is much more than seven simple colors," and there's no one better at capturing the diverse spectrum than Rucka.

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FraggleUprising is starting to have a pretty good feeling about Haunt #3, which apparently is about a ghost who lives inside his brother or something. Wasn't there a movie like that, where Bob Hoskins got a heart transplant from Denzel Washington, and the ghost of Denzel Washington followed him around? And Bob Hoskins was a huge racist? It was like twenty years ago; I only remember it because it came out right after Roger Rabbit. Man, Roger Rabbit would be so much easier to make today. God, what was the name of that movie? This is going to drive me crazy all day now. Keep talking; it'll come to me. (Story 4 / Art 5)

Kirkman's storytelling is still a little rough in parts, but it's getting better.  I still don't connect with his protagonist now any better than I did with his lead in Battle Pope, but the world he's building now is somewhat more interesting than it has been in the previous two issues. There are still moments that feel unpolished, like the interrogation scene where the living brother conveniently proves the lingering existence of the ghost of his dead brother to his captors in just a few panels, but Kirkman is still able to take that cliched scene and turn it into something slightly more real and jarring.

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ComicGamer wasn't really moved by Blackest Night Flash #1… Wait, did we just do a Blackest Night book a couple of seconds ago? We did, didn't we? I'm sorry. That's on me. I was just trying to remember if Steak 'n' Shake was selling those eggnog milkshakes again this year. Keep going; I'm listening. (Story 2 / Art 2)

The flash has been my favorite part of Blackest Night in the main book, so I thought this would be good as well.  Boy was I ever mistaken.  This book just basically covers things we already know from Blackest Night and Flash Rebirth.  So if you read those big books as most people who would buy this comic do, it's completely unnecessary.  Also I found the art didn't really work in this book.  Things look big and bulky to me, which is the opposite of what you want in a book about The Flash.

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RobAbsten loved the Empowered One Shot so much he broke out into haiku. I think. Those are five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables, right? And limericks are the ones that– Heart Condition! Denzel and Bob Hoskins, 1990. I knew I'd get it eventually. (Story 5 / Art 5)

Not a cheesecake book
Emp only gets tied up twice
And those are flashbacks

Caged Demonwolf speaks:
Alliteration Ahoy!
Stan Lee would be proud.

What more could you want?
Thugboy! Ninjette! Action! Fun!
(And Emp saves the day)

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