User Reviews are men of few words

Sometimes User Reviews 'ain't got time for all your jibber jabber. User Reviews got place to go and people to see, you dig?

JoseRivera83 says you should never use five words when one will do. He also says that Punisher Noir #4 is okay. Story 3 / Art 3

Punisher Noir was a pleasant surprise. Few characters have fit into the Noir universe, but it seems like the Punisher was well suited for it. It's certainly a different Frank Castle than we're used to, and it seems like some of the villains required no changes whatsoever, but all in all this final issue wrapped up the story and gave us a character who made good on a promise.

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petevaldez has no time for punctuation but he does have time for Daytripper #1. Story 5 / Art 5

this is my first voyage with Ba and Moon. i bought this book because it shares its title with a great beatles song. the marriage of art and word was absolutely satisfying here; this book delivered. the brushed inks here really made for a vibrant world and the characters had a real warmth. i want to know what happened to these people…… and What an ending!!!!!

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patio is succinct and to the point and Uncanny X-Men #518 gets a Story 4 / Art 4

Scott and Emma sit down on the Psychic Love Toilet and try to void the Void. Bobby lectures Hank on being a good friend. Magneto is confronted by the Science Team. Other things happen elsewhere. Hmm, it doesn't sound like much, but it was fun.

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Noto shows in his review of DC Holiday Special 2009 that he is the zen master of comic book review brevity. Story 5 / Art 3



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  1. I’m picturing Conor sitting on his couch wearing gold chains and sporting a mohawk while pitying fools.  I am amused.

  2. I think Conor could totally rock the shit out of a mohawk.

  3. But could he grow one?

  4. I just don’t know how he bic’s that head of his every day.  I tried it a few days in a row and got some serious razor burn.

  5. My understanding is that your skin eventually adjusts and it becomes less irritating [I have an uncle and two cousins who have been shaving their head for roughly 10 years].

    How awesome would it be to fire up an iFanboy video in January and see Conor with a full head of hair?  Would we recognize him? 

  6. I ain’t got time to bleed!

  7. That was hilarious. I laughed. I did so out loud. Wish there was some sort of short hand for that. Thanks, Conor!

  8. If Ron ever shaves off the sideburns, he can glue that hair onto Conor’s head, thus creating a most unique faux-hawk.

  9. @HailScott – That reminds me of an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

  10. @stuclach-Conor with hair, Josh with a shaved baby face, and Ron with a goattee. It would be Bizarro iFanboy. Or perhaps…eFanboy?

  11. @drake – I would love to see an episode where they discussed their favorite Elseworlds tales and showed up looking like that.  Awesome.

  12. I was surprised this was Conor, this totally felt like Josh. Now I want to see Conor dress up as Mr. T or something. 🙂