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It was a monster week of comics, and we tried to cover as much as possible, but as always, the iFanbase writes reviews, and they keep getting better.  As I am a sweaty mess, let’s not waste time, and just get started.

AndyLawler doesn’t think Kick-Ass #3 kicked ass. I bet he would agree that it was fucked up though.

Story: 1 / Art: 4

Surely this comic of such magnificent hype is hiding some sort of brilliant twist? Something along the lines of our discovery that All Star Batman is not simply super-hating crap from Frank Miller but a brilliant deconstruction of…..

Well I stopped reading All Star too.

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WadeWilson is diggin’ on Nightwing #145

Story: 4 / Art: 4

It’s cool to see Nightwing finally having a good writer/artist team on the book after so many bad years, and his character might finally be getting some of the respect he deserves — in this issue he took down four flying dudes with sub-machine guns (and horrible aim), each with the strength of twenty men — Dick is a bad-ass.

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Zenogaias84 thinks Matt Fraction is doing improving with Invincible Iron Man #2

Story: 4 / Art: 3

…I had a great time with this book. The banter was toned down from the first issue, but then this issue was also a lot more about clean-up after a terrorist attack so that’s understandable. I’m glad they didn’t slow play the meeting between Stane and Stark and I can only hope their techno-geek tussle won’t be too far in the future.

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Neb, the apparent heart and soul of our reviewing empire, reports on the ever better Boys #19.

Story: 4 / Art: 4

It seems after all of the things that our intrepid team has gone through, the reader is finally being filled in on the secrets behind many of the plot points that have been taking place. As someone who has read this series from the beginning, I’m more than excited that the curtain is being pulled back on Butcher, the Seven, and all the other heroes in this world that Ennis has crafted.


And with that, I return to my spot, 3 inches in front of 10,000 BTUs of cooling power.  Thanks all for making iFanboy better with your valuable words and opinions!


  1. Thanks for highlighting my review here guys.  It brings a warm fuzzy feeling…although in this heat, I could really go for a more cool, chilling feeling. 

  2. Was there a review highlight last week?  ‘Cause after Josh mentioned one of the Final Crisis reviews would get highlighted, I was kind of hoping it’s be mine.  Heh.  But then I never saw any of the reviews highlighted.  I suppose dem’s the breaks.

  3. Where EXACTLY is the place that you can submit reviews???

    Is there a link? Seriously I been doin this web thing a while and I cant find it.

    Do you just email em in? 

  4. You got pull the comic and then up top, you have a link that says "Your Comics" and there, next do your list, it says "Write a review" click on it and there you go.

  5. Next TO your list*

    Holy crap, have I been off the grammar/spelling ball lately.

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  7. Thanks a lot for the mention, Josh!

    If there is a prize involved that I can choose (I’m sure that’s how it works) … I’d like a date with Olivia Munn.

    Thanks mate.

  8. ON reviews, how do you do hard enters? Mine have enters when I’m writing them but they don’t show up when posting.

  9. I have the same problem g0ofgnewt. Hopefully someone can help us out here.

  10. You guys have to use html…or at least that works for me.  You type "<br/><br/>" in between each paragraph,