User Reviews are filled with RAGE and HATE

It was a great week of comics this past week… but not for User Reviews!

Mangaman says that Ultimate Comics X #1 is so bad it's going to drive him to write his own fanfic. Story 1 / Art 2

I'm a fan of the Ultimate X-men series. No, not a diehard fan but a fan enough to have all 100 issues and I have to say, there is absolutely nothing in this issue that was written well. Forget the fact that the guy is blatently wolverine's son instead of someone interesting like Calvin Rankin. Forget that Loeb isn't using surviving X-characters from Ultimatum. But.. to blatently ignore ULTIMATE continuity is just a slap in the face to those of us still reading the damn imprint. I mean COME ON!

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KRYPTOTIM does not mince words when he discusses his feelings towards Justice Socety of America Annual #2. Story 1 / Art 2

This book was just plain bad . The plot was stupid and way too predictable . If either of the authors was trying to throw readers a red herring , it did'nt work . This story was the comic equivalent of a bad sitcom , charecters were badly written .the conflict between the heroes was forced and the dialogue was just awful . I really ddi.nt want to use the word awful because it just does'nt do justice to how bad this annual really is .

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akamuu sounds like he needs to get some more sleep before reading books like Cable #23. Story 1 / Art 3

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. This isn't the prelude to anything. This is the same issue you've read 12 out of 23 times. It's all filler until they bring Cable back to the present. Do yourself a favor and skip it.

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Slockhart has come to a revelaton after reading Superman: World of New Krypton #12. Story 1 / Art 3

Even in the finale, this book sticks true to it's formula. For about the sixth month in a row, we open with whatever cliffhanger ended the last issue being solved almost immediately. From there, we go on to about 18 pages of people we don't know, but feel like we should, standing around talking to Superman. Then, out of nowhere, the last page splash page of an alien attacking. This maxi started off by making me think that maybe Superman isn't so boring afterall. One year later, I know that yes, he is really that boring.

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  1. Wow. That’s a lot of bad reviews!

  2. Filled with Rage? I see nothing about the New Warrior from the ’90’s…

  3. Of all the weeks for me to take time off from reviewing comics I thought were lacking…

  4. Wow so much anger and hatred!

  5. It’s really sad too because like Ron, if something isn’t my cup of tea and I enjoy the series I’ll still buy that monthly issue with the hope that it get’s better next arc. But to see all that anticipation go to waste just disappointed me and pretty much lost all hope for Loeb-writing. =(

    In retrospect the waiting must have been a factor. I mean if this had been published sometime in september I probably would have a different review. But there is NO excuse to waste those 6 months to decide if they wanted to publish an ULTIMATE X-title and have it start off terribly.

  6. I liked this week’s reviews, as done by the Red Lantern Corps.