User Reviews are burning comics for warmth

Oh m-m-m-my G-g-g-g-god, we are going to be killed by this science fiction temperature! If we stop typing for even a second, our fingers will freeze and stick to the keyboard. Our only hope is to review the hell out of some comics, and pronto.

Cam23 took a look at The Authority #18 just long enough to like it, tear it up, and construct a crude shelter out of it. The covers are the best for protecting your face from the bitter, stinging winds. (Story 4 / Art 5)

Bernardin and Freeman have gambled on a bold, vivid and uncompromising start to their run:  after a sparse one-page recap they throw us in at the deep end amid an absolute melee of characters, few of whom are formally introduced (though kitted out, every one, in gaudy new 90s-style costumes).  These are superteams from across the Wildstorm universe, most of whom have featured in the ongoing World's End storylines of the last 18 months; although newcomers may find the colourful crowd scenes baffling, the overall message is simple – each character must weigh up staying on the blasted Earth, and working to save it directly, versus sailing into the unknown in the hope of a more powerful solution.  Overall the headlong pace of the issue balances out the 'huh?' factor, hooking the attention through sheer verve and momentum.

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No, his brain isn't freezing; patio is just losing interest in Blackest Night. I was relieved to find a kindred spirit, but I may be suffering from hypothermia-delerium. (Story 2 / Art 3)

But now six issues in I still don't know what rules the Black Lanterns are playing by (they're what? powered by death or something? Ok.) and even if I did, the rules have changed now since living people are now Black Lanterns. (Yeah I know they were resurrected, but each of them was resurrected a different way, so shouldn't they be affected in different ways. Superman wasn't even technically dead was he?) I have no idea who Neckron is, and I don't care. At this point I'm only still in because now that I've invested this much time in it, I want to see it through to the end.  I've already dropped out of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, something I couldn't have seen myself doing 8 months ago.

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Urthona professed his love for Great Ten #3, a Tony Bedard book I've never even heard of. But then, I've been inside a dead Tauntaun for most of the day. (Story 5 / Art 5)

Let me make a confession up front.  I've completely fallen in love with this book. Three issues in and I am totally hooked.
The Great Ten is simple in concept: China has a superteam called the Great Ten consisting of ten superheroes.  The mini-series is ten issues long with each issue focusing on a hero, while a longer plot unfolds involving the whole team.  What makes this book sooo good is that Bedard is doing an incredible job both on the individual stories and the team arc.

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AlanRob was crazy about Orc Stain #1 almost as much as I would be crazy for some hot chocolate and a blowtorch right now. (Story 5 / Art 5)

Wow Wow Wow!  I bought this on a whim, call it a late answer to the iFanboy Holiday Challenge, just on its title.  It was a great book, with beautiful artwork.  There is just enough information given to you about OneEye and his world to keep you comin back for more! Awesome.

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