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The assembled iFanbase was saying, "Surprise me!" this week at the comic shop. How did they fare?

Cutty found things quiet for a change– a little too quiet for a change– in Walking Dead #70. Story 5/5 – Art 4/5

The genius of this issue is that instead of feeling "safe", it is as tense a TWD read as there is.  It's somewhat more comfortable when they're surrounded by zombies or being assaulted by the Governor's people; at least you can identify the threats and you know where they're coming from.

Kirkman has us so emotionally involved with Rick that the readers essentially become him.  We are unable to trust anyone that comes into the story and this distrust is seen in Rick's eyes – between the dialogue as they carefully examine every person and situation, finding the holes in their facade.

Much like Rick, I am utterly conditioned at this point to trust no one and suspect everyone.

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JohnnyDestructo was betrayed twice in two decades by Spider-Man: Clone Saga #6, leaving him no choice but to pull out the Dreaded Meh. Story 2/5 – Art 2/5

Issues 1-4 didn't really  have much going on that I don't remember from the first time around, so I was bored. It was illustrated by Todd Nauck (an artist who is much better served penciling books that I don't read), so I was bored. But hey at least issues 5 and 6 were starting to show us some of the director's cut of how it was supposed to go! It wouldn't be so contrived and annoying, right? RIGHT? I was finally gonna see how bad-ass it was originally meant to be! No more of the flipping it back around so that Pete was the original after all! I don't wanna spoil any of the "twists" or "turns" but this final issue left me with a big fat "meh"..and nobody likes a meh. They eat all your Doritos and constantly borrow money without paying it back.

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erockus has never read the book The Marvelous Land Of Oz #4 was based on, so it's all new to him. (In a way, I'm a little jealous he still gets to experience the Oz books for the first time.) Story 5/5 – Art 5/5

The magic of this title is its uncanny ability to slow down time and completely distract me from my reality and pull me into the land of OZ.  I suppose that is the secret success of this creative team to actually capture the tone of this universe. There is a unique pacing with the dialogue that is on the one hand childish, but at the same time philosophical. The art follows suit with a hallucinatory palette that is intriguing enough to make me go back again and again and whimsical enough to hold my daughters attention. 

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TheNextChampion wasn't even going to buy Captain Swing #1, and it ended up being his Pick of the Week! Story 5/5 – Art 5/5

We have two sides of Ellis if you think about it. We get the 'crazy, mental patient' writer (Nextwave/Transmetropolitan) and we get more of the 'serious but still crazy writer' (Crecy/Red). For Captain Swing….I'm not really sure what we got here. Most of this is played as serious as it can be, but it is so wild and imaginative. It's kinda steampunk, but not really, if that makes any sense. …It's funny how Ellis set this issue up because; Swing's narration takes a whole page of text; which I like because it sets up this universe quite easily. While the stuff involving the cops are all done in traditional comic form. I don't know if Ellis is going to continue this in the future issues, but it definitely made it easier to get into this world he has created.

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  1. @TNC I forgot to comment on your review page, but that review was 100% accurate.  I really loved this book.

  2. Looking forward to Captain Swing and Ignition City in trade. There is also sadly a third side to Warren Ellis, the I am doing this for the paycheck one. (Astonishing X Men, etc)

  3. Having never read any of the Oz books either, I can relate to erockus.  They are a fun ride.

  4. I gave up on the Clone Sage after two issues, looks like I made the right decision.

  5. Man, now I really wish that I’d written that glowing review of Clone Sage I had chambered all week. This close to being POW.

  6. I think Captain Swing will be a great trade in the long run, but I’m willing to stick with issues now.

    I’m interested to see how this new take on the ‘Clone Saga’ will work whenever that comes out in trade. Cause I hear nothing but horrible things about the original, nor do I wanna read a huge storyline like that. (Tried it with Age of Apocolypse and my eyes still bleed from time to time)

    Thanks for showcasing my review!