User Reviews Ain’t Gonna Write Themselves

What are you, taking a nap? There are comics to review over here! You don’t like it? Fine. You leave. Around here, we review.

Look at Daccampo. Daccampo is out there getting it done. D’ya think he cares? He’ll tell you right to your face that he’s ready to drop Viking after #3.  Story 2 / Art 5

Ivan Brandon’s “crime” book for the 9th century is a good concept, and Nic Klein’s art is truly magnificent, but we’re three issues in, and I find myself still struggling to make sense of the characters and their motivations. I do believe the character and motivation is there — I just feel the execution is a bit off. If you asked me who was who, I’d be hard pressed to tell you. I can tell you the gist of what’s happening, but I shouldn’t have to struggle as I’m reading it.

We haven’t got time for some dainty tea party around here, ladies. This is serious business. Bassoonjedi‘s over here reviewing Invincible #65 so hard, he’s even reviewing the Letters column in the back. Story 4 / Art 4

Once again, a large event passes by in the Invincible Universe, and Kirkman deftly sweeps up the remains while setting up the next story. Kirkman crafts a story with his strengths of writing personal loss and interaction as the world dusts itself off from the events of the past 6 issues. The art in this book was just as solid handling the quiet interactions as it was with the intense fighting scenes that preceded it. The coloring and shading were well done as every character had just as much depth to them physically as Kirkman wrote them emotionally.

Put that comic down! Comics are for closers.

First prize is akamuu‘s review of Jack Of Fables #37. Anyone want to see second prize? Second prize’s a set of steak knives. Third prize is you’re fired. Story 2 / Art 3

While the main Fables title has bounced away from the big crossover, and presented a new and exciting story arc, Jack of Fables feels like it’s just treading water.  The main character has some image issues due to his post-modern meta breaking the fourth wall interaction with the artist.  A ho ho ho, a ha ha ha, a yawn.

You know what it takes to review comics? It takes brass balls to review comics, but the pressure finally got to poor Bedhead right in the middle of Red Circle The Web #1. Story 2 / Art 2

I read it once, twice, three times, through and through;/ I read each sorry page, and I didn’t know what to do./ What could I write, how could I display any sort of originality?/ Were there any more adjectives available for this new banality?/ You see I’d already excoriated The Hangman (article included),/ And I feared writing a similar review would mark me as deluded./ They’d call me a crazy fanboy, rambling, drooling, likely feral/ If I continued to shoot such slow fish in such a small barrel./ Why go on, why continue to take your money and invest/ In the recent consistently mediocre work of sad JMS?

Read the rest of the user reviews, or write some of your own. What am I, here for my health?


  1. Nice one Jimski 🙂

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  3. I had a hard time following Viking, it didn’t grab me and i ended up dropping it after one issue. this combined with my dislike of Northlanders leads me to believe i’m not the biggest fan of Norweigans (or Vikings)

    I also gave The Red Circle: The Hangman a shot and I hated it so i’ve stayed away from the other books in the series. Although the Web interested me because it sort of a Jack Kirby Character (or is that the Fly, are they the same thing?) but after this review im glad i stayed away. No one is talking about the Red Circle books, what a failed attempt at a revival that is turning out to be….

    Whoa, im pretty negative today

  4. Well done, Jim.  This article made me smile.

  5. It is good to see that interesting user review posts aren’t exclusive to Josh. Well done. I’ll write some reviews as soon as I get some time off from educating America’s youths.

  6. This is obe of the best in a while.

    I’m still saddened I wasn’t allowed to do Alec Baldwin’s monologue in theatre class…


  7. Somehow I don’t think I would’ve gotten the Glengarry leads with rhyming.  

    As ever, thanks for the hi-light guys!

  8. I think its awesome you rhymed your review.

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