User Review Explosion!

This week was a week of reviews to admire! You guys are working overtime, and the effort is clearly showing. You are all making the site better. You would think that would lead to more free time for Conor, Ron and myself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Either way, we’re really happy to see all the participation, but we still want more.

Before we even get started, if you were looking for a place to find out what people thought about Secret Invasion #1 or Kick-Ass #2, the iFanboy community has clearly got you covered. Marvel is clearly out ahead this week.

ScottB makes with some love for a book that’s basically a reprint. But then, when you reprint Jack Kirby, that’s a little different, like in Countdown Special Kamandi 80 Page Giant.

Story: 4 / Art: 5

Even though this is a reprint, I was immediately enthralled with the book. Kirby’s art is great and leaps off the page. I was lucky enough to see the original splash page in a museum a few years ago, and it is breathtaking.

viewaskew117 takes up the slack of iFanboy’s reigns and along with many others, sums up what’s so good about The Walking Dead #48.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

Writer Robert Kirkman has always wanted to give the sense that no one was safe in this story, that anyone can be hurt or killed. This issue gave me a gut punch that I’m still feeling two days after reading it. While Secret Invasion had fun moments the reader knows they will make it out fine, but when something horrific happens in this book, it’s almost heart breaking.


comicdork37 covers the follow up to Vaughan previous Pick of the Week with a take on Logan #2.

Story: 5 / Art: 5

After Brian K. Vaughan dropped the literary bomb in issue #1, that the story takes place in Hiroshima, he dropped the literal bomb in issue #2.

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Tad goes all indie on us, and fills you in if you were ever curious about Paul Grist’s Jack Staff.
Story: 3 / Art: 4
Here’s the deal with Jack Staff. Paul Grist does some of the most inventive storytelling in all of comics but reading his stories is like looking at a world through a fractured window pane.

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This was but an inkling of the week that was. Please do yourself a favor and sample the delights of varied and valid opinion in last week’s Comic Section if you want to see what the community is thinking. Each book can have it’s own discussion, and there is much wisdom to read.

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone contributing this week!


  1. I’m still having real trouble trying to submit reviews. I understand there should be an option to write a review, if you go top the comics the you’ve checked as ‘pulled’ from each weeks books. The problem is that when I click on the Your Comics option, next to the profile tab all I ever seem to get is a "Sorry, Unable to select comics" prompt, with a Go Back button.

    Anybody else getting this?

  2. @thewordisdrawn some folks have been getting that, we’re chasing down that bug and hopefully will have it fixed soon – so stay tuned

  3. Wow all books that I did not get.  That’s a first.  I believe this calls for further study.

  4. @theswordisdrawn – Please give it a try now.

  5. I didn’t pick up any of these books either, but I regret not getting Walking Dead in issues after everything people have been saying about it.  It sounds crazy good.

  6. Great Reviews everyone.  I was shocked how many reviews for Kick Ass and Invasion there were.  I didn’t get Invasion, but did get Kick Ass.  When I saw all of the reviews, I decided not to weigh in since I’m sure I would have just rehashed most of what other people said.

  7. @Dave – Ah ha! That appears to be working, now.