Soon You Might Be Able To Tune in to Moon Knight!

It looks like Blade won’t be the only second tier character to get the TV treatment, as Marvel Studios has inked a production deal to begin making a Moon Knight television series.

Thanks to Russel for the tip.

While everyone knows how I dig Moon Knight, again the question of how do you make a guy running around in white pajamas not seem ridiculous?


  1. So how long do I have to wait until the Darkhawk series makes it to television?

  2. Get back to me when they actually start filming this.

    Or, in the case of Aquaman, get back to me when a network actually picks this up.

  3. Aquaman actually looked pretty decent. Did anyone see the pilot when it was free on iTunes?

    I thought it did a decent job of making him look like a viable hero.

  4. They’ll probably make his suit more of a grey than a white.

    I’m not sure whether I should look forward to this or run and hide.

  5. What I DON’T GET is why Marvel and DC are trying to pimp out and sell their B-list characters. Blade? Moon Knight? Come on, only a FEW people have heard of these guys. Aquaman? Dude, everyone can agree that there ARE SO MANY MORE PEOPLE with better powers.

    Wheres the TV series focusing on the cool characters? Wolverine could totally work for a tv series. What about slightly more popular characters? Daredevil seems like he could work for a television show.

    I don’t understand it sometimes 🙁

  6. Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA.

    What I DON’T GET is why Marvel and DC are trying to pimp out and sell their B-list characters. Blade? Moon Knight? Come on, only a FEW people have heard of these guys. Aquaman?

    Don’t you be tossing Arthur Curry in with Blade and Not-Batman.

  7. Yeah, Aquaman is a big 7 Justice Leaguer in the DCU, but not in the general public’s mind.

    But the reason for the b-series character TV is that the big characters get movies, not TV shows. They’ll make way more money from a Logan movie than they will a TV series.

  8. Not-Batman
    Couldn’t agree with you more, Conor.

    Aquaman is not a B-lister. An A- maybe. Now Namor, there’s a B lister, maybe C.
    Seems to me DC has the majority of better versions on the same theme. Excepting Deadpool, who edges out Deathstroke with zany quips.
    Also, katannas+uzis > longsword+shotgun. It’s a mathematical fact.

  9. It should be noted that this is only a development deal. There have been a lot of development deals signed, and very few make past the script stage. Remember the Smallville like Bruce Wayne series?

    It makes you realize what an aberration Smallville is. What else made it through? Birds of Prey? Mutant X? Blade? None anywhere near one of the big 3 networks.

  10. It’s probably because he doesn’t really have any powers. Powers mean lots of special effects. But if you’re just a vigilante in a white suit and blowing stuff up with guns, then you have a chance of keeping the budget down.

    I’ll watch if it makes it. I’d love to see more Marvel TV shows. Personally, I think Runaways would make an awesome show…

  11. You can do a good SFX show on a lowish budget. Look at Battlestar Galactica. But yeah, I’m sure that’s a concern.

  12. The reason why Smallville works well is because it has focused as much on telling stories of human drama as it has superhuman drama. Stories about Clark, his family, his friends, his small town. Early in the show a plot was about the Kent’s not having the money to keep their farm going and the drama came from whether or not they would accept a handout from Lex. It was about relationships. Clark and Lana. Lex and Lionel. Johnathan and Jor-el. There have also been battles against monsters and even Zod. I never watched an episode of Blade, but judging by the movies, I would be willing to bet there wasn’t as much relationship drama as there was action. So I would say it doesnt matter whether it is an A-list, B-list, or C-list charater. It is the storytelling. That is a bit vauge. Let me just say I thnk Moon Knight has just as much a chance as Smallville has had at success. It depends on how they tell their stories.

  13. Fuckin’ A!

  14. Sorry, Aquaman is LAME. Costume, lame. Powers, lame. He’s been living off of his Superfriends handout for too long now. Vanilla Ice has more street cred than Aquaman.

    Boston-accent Aquaman, however, is not lame.

  15. Here’s how lame Aquaman is:

  16. Yeah, it’s an easy (some would say, lazy) joke, but, I’m sorry – Aquaman is not lame.

  17. Good Aquaman can be found in Mark Waid’s JLA Year One, which was great. It can also be found in Grant Morrisson’s JLA stuff.

    Ahthah from Maine thanks ya, even so.

  18. Don’t forget Peter David’s run, which some consider definitive

  19. Werewolf within the first three episodes, if it ever takes off at all.

  20. I liked the first part of Peter David’s run. I even liked that mini when he had that ‘ocean-camo’. The problem with Aquaman is his rep from the Superfriends and his lame-ass costume. I can’t believe after they finally got the nerve up to change it they changed it back. It reminds me of Archangel. Lame. Lame. Lame.

  21. I love Aquaman’s costume. I was so annoyed when they went to that godawful one armed thing in Peter David’s run. I was thrilled when the orange and green came back.

    Super Friends? If everyone was judged by Super Friends then no one would come off well.

  22. Well, I can say it’s not the way I would have gone with it, but the grim-and-gritty Aquaman costume was a decent start. It was meant to be more functional, I think. The best thing that DC has done to Aquaman in some time is slap a beard on him and give him Namor’s personality. Still, I am always willing to give A-man a shot. I bought the first OYL book but unfortunately it wasn’t to my liking.

    I’m probably the only one of this opinion but I actually thought the ocean camo was cool. Of course, I haven’t read that mini in 20 years so it may not have aged well.

    Did anyone ever read Byrne/Jae Lee’s run on Namor? I thought it was fantastic.

  23. You’re right about that Byrne/Byrne and then Byrne/Lee run on Namor. That was goood comics.

    I liked the beard. I’d like the old costume plus beard and long hair. I’d be happy with that.

  24. One of my pet peeves is having a great run ruined by a fill-in artist. Notables in my mind are the original Byrne run on Hulk, where the climactic battle between the Hulk and the East/West Coast Avengers was drawn by Al Milgrom (?!); the aforementioned Byrne/Lee run; and most notably Quitely’s run on X-Men.