Tuesday Showdown: She-Hulks vs. Power Girl and Terra

She-Hulks vs. Power Girl and Terra

"We never got a movie from the red box thing before, PeeGee." Terra mumbled, feet shuffling by the gum ball machines. She nearly jumped out of her parka as a large woman the shape of a mailbox heaved a large sack of old pennies onto the CoinStar kiosk behind her. 

"Well, we've never required its services before," Power Girl replied. She reached out and stroked Terra's shoulder as she browsed the available movies.  "And then you broke the Wii with one of your nightmare quakes. Which I've forgiven you for. But it's movie night. And this girl is itching for some Jon Hamm." 

"Jon Hamm isn't in the owl movie." said Terra, peeking at the screen. 

"He isn't. But we're not renting the owl movie." 

"I wanted to see the owl movie."

"I read your Christmas list. I know." 

"Then why–"

"Because I talked to Wally's wife Linda and she said her children were mortified by it."

"I'm not a children." 

"You amn't a children, no. But you've lost your shit at several moves that the West-pests were able to manage."

"That house was a monster. It was a building that could eat people. It had a tongue!"

"We're renting The Town because I know you can cope with armed robbers. Even within the last month. The nuns may be an issue, but mama wants her Hamm."

"But the owls seem so earnest. Grr…"

"Please stop making the tiles tremble. You'll scramble the eggs." 

"That's how I like them." 

"What? No! There's no more copies in the machine!" 

"Oh, darn."

"Shutup. Yeah, X-ray vision's picking up a whole lot of nothin'. Damn."

Suddenly two green women emerged from the supermarket. Power Girl wondered if they might be Legion enemies from the future. Brainiac's great great great granddaughters. They were miles from a convention center, so Orion slave girls seemed unlikely. She scanned their bags to be sure. And then she saw it. 

"Excuse me," Power Girl exclaimed, a bit too sweetly, a bit too loud. "I couldn't help but notice you have a rented DVD of The Town."

The elder green woman paused, narrowed her eyes with suspicion. "You couldn't help but notice?"

"It's in my bag," the younger one said. "Jen?"

"She has see-through vision," Terra explain, meekly. The woman at the CoinStar machine glanced at the scene and slowly retreated toward the parking lot without her pennies. 

"Nice trick," Jen said coolly. 

"I'm wondering if you'd let me buy it from you." Power Girl said, well aware of how crazy she sounded.

"I don't think so." 

But then as she turned toward the exit, Power Girl winced, shook her head, and grabbed for the She-Hulk's wrist. 


She-Hulks vs. Power Girl and Terra

Who wins?

Show your work!


  1. I guess Powergirl and Terra win because they still have a book?


  2. Power Girl and Terra follow the She-Hulks back to their car, asking “Where do you live?” loudly, like all crazy people outside of supermarkets. The She-Hulks eventually drive off.

    The She-Hulks win, but they’ll never feel like it.

  3. Really, we all win.

  4. @WonderAli  heh, you beat me to it. #chauvanistpigs

  5. @Conor – I would disagree. THIS Power Girl & Terra, the one everybody loved, the one people compare She-Hulks to, doesn’t have a book anymore either. I know you and other like the new Winnick book. And it’s good in it’s own right. But it’s not the same. Not nearly as fun.

  6. If there is one thing we learnt from the PG book is that Our Gal is not stupid enough to start a fight if there does not need to be one.
    After grabbing She hulks wrist she turns on the charm, and invites them all back to her apartment for a big Movie fest all together.
    There is much eating of popcorn and chocolate.
    Terra is introduced to this thing called wine.
    There is Bitchin’ about Men folk.
    Jammies are donned.
    Super slumber party !
    IN the morning Jen and Karen work out a legal representation deal fro Starr Industried.
    The two young ‘uns friend up on Face book.
    Welcome to the future : It’s not Male-centric Smashing………..

  7. Terra gets taken out within 45 secs- Throwing rocks just doesn’t cut against a Hulk- any Hulk.

    Powergirl puts up a pretty good fight but in the end Hulks are dirtier fighters and two of them end up beating the snot out of PG.