Picture it. You're just a dude trying to make ends meet. You've got mouths to feed, and your trade is animal control. The thing is, you don't imagine those animals are going to be quite that big, ferocious, or supernatural.

It's Tuesday, and new comics don't hit until tomorrow, so why not take a moment and try something new, courtesy of IDW and Frozen Beach Studios, and completely for free, in the format of your choosing. Read The Pound #1 through the IDW app, PDF, or CBZ. It's your choice.

It's a fun romp, and if you liked The Exterminators, you need to check this one out.


  1. love the idea of this and this preview method. DL’ed PDF. 

  2. Wow, bravo IDW.  I would have never even noticed this book otherwise. 

  3. I have the app, but the book isn’t displaying. They’re being eclipsed by all other publishers digitally because of their dodgy software.

  4. Hmm, doesn’t show up in my app yet either

  5. @gobo and @WilliamKScurryJr

    Not sure WHEN IDW is going to add it into the app (it was supposed to be today) but you can always grab the PDF from our site and read it that way, it works great in iBooks too.

  6. @charlesp1138  If it doesn’t show up in the app soon that’s definitely what I’ll do.  It’s going to get read 🙂

  7. Will do!

  8. That was fun. Wouldn’t mind picking up the trade.

  9. It’s showing up in the IDW app now (at least once I clicked Top Free and then back to New Releases), really fun story, a bit We Kill Mosnters, a bit Exterminators, looking forward to more

  10. Thanks for the kind words folks.