TRAILER: Cowboys And Aliens

Cowboys and Aliens is Jon Favreau's first movie that has nothing to do with Tony Stark in a while, and it's based on a comic book written by Fred Van Lente and Andrew Foley.

Plus Han Solo (or Indiana Jones. Whichever.) and James Bond are in it. 



  1. Yes please.

  2. wow, just Wow!

  3. shit yes!

  4. Y.E.S.

  5. That was a far  more interesting movie with Aliens and Harrison Ford than Indy 4 was, and that was just a trailer.

  6. Holy hell

  7. the craziest thing, it appears as though there is no current printing available

  8. RAD! 

    its Cowboys and Aliens right? Not Vs?


  9. Look… just look at that cast. I’m in awe.

  10. This looks awesome!

  11. I think I like the title the most. The movie could be good, could be bad, but I’ve never been so happy about a movie title since the trailer for "Snakes on a Plane" came out.

  12. That looks absolutely barmy!  I’m in!

  13. I’m down!  Mark me Down!

  14. Now, THAT’S the sexiest trailer alive!

  15. That head tilt by Craig at the end, that was bad ass!

    and i bet Ford ate this character up and people are going to love him. the bad guy you can’t help but love!

  16. looks great cant wait to see it , how ever this is not the first movie FAV has directed that wasnt a Ironman movie, guy is a great director

  17. Yes- this looks rad.

  18. i’m shocked with the star power in and around this flick.  Cowboys & Aliens…Ha!  Can’t wait.

  19. me oh my.  sign me up.

  20. @Loco – read more carefully – "in a while"

    Also, however is one word, and Iron Man is two words.


  21. Yes, that was vaguely uncalled for. Sorry about that. Still…

  22. Looks very good.

  23. That fills me with child-like glee. Yay!

  24. Cowboys and Aliens? ; I bet this is marketed to the same people who buy Superman/Batman: "It’s got both of them in there, that’s good value!"

  25. W.O.W.

  26. now this, this looks cool

  27. looks so cool i wanna cry!

  28. This looks really good, but Harrison Ford feels out of place. I no longer associate him as an action star/leading man, but more of the older version we see in rom-coms these days.

  29. This looks horrible. That was some God-awful acting from Harrison Ford. Oh wait, is this supposed to be one of those parody movies like "Scary Movie" or "Robin Hood – Men in Tights"?

  30. Here’s hoping it does well and Fred Van Lente gets some Hollywood money.

  31. Didn’t see any gattling guns on a horse or crossbow dynamite…so that’s nice. Looks good and not hokey at all. I’m interested.

  32. Looks pretty cool to me.

  33. Oh my! It has cowboys and aliens!

  34. I’m anxiously awaiting the porn version – Cowboys and Illegal Aliens: A XXX Porn Parody

  35. Looks cool.  Daniel Craig is such a badass.

  36. Now that’s a good trailer!

  37. WOW! I wonder how the comics are compared to this?

  38. There have been plenty of figurative Space Westerns, but this is literally a Space Western.

    Now does it beat out Serenity (Firefly) for the most literal case of a Space-Western? Firefly is a spaceship future with a western theme, while Cowboys and Aliens looks like an old-time western with spaceships and futuristic technology. 

    I guess I’ll just have to see it before I can make that determination. And really does there have to be a single winner of the most Space-Western? Frankly, this is a win-win situation in the end. 

  39. this looks good. ill give him a shot even though i really didnt care for iron man 2.

  40. This movie looks great. But the sequel is sure to be a flop, Cowboys & Aliens & Predators

  41. Wow, I really enjoyed this trailer.

    I know nothing of the comic (other then my LCS has a huge poster for the comic on the wall) so this is all new to me. Harrison Ford looks like a great antagonist for Daniel Craig (let’s hope he won’t be as hammered like he was on Conan). Plus I liked how Craig putting the weapon away on his wrist towards the end was like a fancier way of showing a gun being twirled away….if you ever seen Westerns you know what I mean.

  42. Two things:

    1) SF movie of the year.
    2) How cool is it the commercial airs after the feature?

  43. I think it looks like a lot of fun.  Jon Favreau has a pretty solid record (I enjoyed "Iron Man 2" just fine, thank you) and this looks like a good, cheesey sci-fi movie.