Top Shelf Sale

Remember when we talked about Top Shelf having sales on our recent video show about said publisher? Turns out they’re doing another one. This time, there’s a lot of buy this, get that for free action.

For example, if you want Tales from the Farm, as mentioned in the video show, you get it free if you order the new volume.

This is a great way to try out some new books if you’re feeling in a comic rut.


  1. Sweet. I was going to pick up Lower Regions after the last podcast show. It’s on sale now.

    A boon for for me!

  2. I must now dive into my Top Shelf sampler and find out what I want! Thanks to isotope for the free sampler hook-up!

  3. i’ll be getting the lower regions

  4. Just got Incredible Change-Bots , and Tales from the Farm/2nd volume also.

    Hoping I got the free sampler pack 😛

  5. Well, that’s lovely in theory, but certain books are restricted simply by me not living in the US.

    Lost Girls isn’t apparently available in the UK til 2008, even though I can buy it from ebay right now. But I don’t want to, I’d rather support the company that created it.

    And the others books I chose.. Guess what? The shipping to the UK costs double the purchase of the books (and I only picked 6 books – at sale price!).

    I love Top Shelf, and I understand why shipping costs are so high for a smaller company, but it’s so frustrating to be a fan and not be able to take on some new books in a sale simply because of where I live.

    I emailed Rich Koslowski to ask if he would ship The List, The King and some merchandise to me as his site refused to. After payment through paypal, the transaction happened perfectly. Rich was totally cool about the whole thing, and even gave me a discount on the shipping charge (which was big but about a fifth of the order). I still payed full price though, as I wanted to support the artist. Same as I want to support the publisher right now.

    Of course I’ll have to pay shipping, and I wouldn’t go through the official site if I didn’t want to, but at least make it reasonable. At least make it less than DOUBLE the cost of the order!

    I’m at a loss. I guess maybe ebay is the way forward to stop me getting broke, but then I can’t support artists and distributors I love, and I truly want to.

    I refuse to download comics, even new ones. I’d rather spend a couple of quid on an issue and be disappointed (if I hear it’s good 6 months down the line I’ll back order or pick up a trade) than sit at a monitor reading.

    Sorry everyone, very long, and somewhat angry) post. I apologise. I’m just pissed off cuz I had my money ready to hand over to a great company to support them, and the only way I can do that is to miss some bill payments because of the postage costs.

  6. On the other hand, your money is worth over 2x as much as the dollar, so you’ve got that going for you.

  7. That’s actually a good point. Is there an option to pay in pounds or euros?