Top Shelf $3 Sale!

Top Shelf Comix is having another big sale!  This time, it’s in celebration of the upcoming release of The Surrogates feature film on September 25th! 

All their details are below, but I’ll tell you right now that there are some smokin’ good deals down there including some of my all-time favorites like The King, Lower Regions, 110 Per¢, Trenches, and The Man Who Loved Breasts!  All for THREE BUCKS! 


Top Shelf’s MASSIVE $3 SALE kicks off today to celebrate the debut of THE SURROGATES on iTunes, as well as the theatrical release of the SURROGATES on September 25th.

Just in time for the theatrical release of SURROGATES starring Bruce Willis, fans can now read the original graphic novel that inspired the upcoming blockbuster on their iPhone and iPod touch. THE SURROGATES App for the iPhone — developed for the iPhone by iVerse Media ( — features two full issues of the original comic book mini-series formatted for the iPhone screen for only $0.99. The remaining three issues of the series can be downloaded inside the Application as an “In App Purchase” for only $0.99 per issue. Or, if you prefer, you can simply download “THE SURROGATES #1” for FREE in the iTunes App Store.

So, to celebrate THE SURROGATES, for the next ten days — thru Friday September 25th (the opening day of the film!) — Top Shelf is having a giant $3 graphic novel web sale. When you visit the site, you’ll find over 100 graphic novels and comics on sale — with 55+ titles marked down to just $3 (!) and 45 key titles slashed!

To go directly to the list of items on sale at the Top Shelf website, just click here:

But here are a few sample sale items:

— $3 Books: The Barefoot Serpent, The Country Nurse, Sulk, After the Snooter, That Salty Air, and more! — $3 Books: Please Release, Tales of Woodsman Pete, Less Than Heroes, Fox Bunny Funny, The King, and more! — $3 Books: Regards from Serbia, Comic Book Artist, Hutch Owen, Delayed Replays, Micrographica, and more!

— Slashed Prices: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lost Girls, From Hell, Blankets, Carnet De Voyage, and more! — Slashed Prices: The Surrogates, Essex County, Swallow Me Whole, Clumsy, Veeps, and more! — Slashed Prices: Far Arden, Super Spy, Owly, Korgi, Johnny Boo, and more!

— Freebies with every order: The 2009 Top Shelf Sampler and the 2009 Owly & Friends!

Please note that Top Shelf now accept PayPal (as well as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover — all secure), and that this sale is good for retailers as well (and comic book shops will get their wholesale discount on top of these sale prices).


  1. This is awesome! Thanks for letting posting this, Josh.

  2. Wow.  Some good deals in there.  I’m afraid I’m not as familiar with these books as I would like to be.  Time to read some summaries.

  3. I’ve done this the last two times and it’s great. Looking at this list though is a lot of stuff I already have. For anyone who’s new to Top Shelf, I recommend you go crazy. 

  4. I just ordered 8 items and the total came out to less than $35 after shipping. That is amazing.

  5. TPB deals are still better at amazon or instocktrades, at least on the surrogate books…

  6. Thanks, Josh found some great new books to read.

  7. The great thing about this is that you might not like everything you get, but you’ll get a huge sampler of other stuff, and you’re buying it directly from small company made up of a couple of guys who love the hell out of comics.

  8. Thanks for posting this. I bought 12 books for $46 including shipping. Super excited. I’m going to have a lot to read.

  9. I got both CONVERSATIONS last year they did this sale and I LOVE them. Recommended!


    I’m broke, but I can muster up a few bucks for some of these

  10. Because of some of the deals on this sale, I just saw a 64 page comic for $3 and thought it was a rip off.  That was the best feeling ever.

    I’m getting $113 of comics for $30.  It almost doesn’t matter if they suck.

  11. Just bought Trenches, Lower Regions, and 110%, plus that stuff they were giving away for a penny. Thanks Josh!

    …shipping was a bit steep though. But still!… great deal.

  12. Some good deals in there, although not what I was expecting with the $3 dollar bins.

    But I’ve been looking for ‘The King’ forever since that video show you guys did. It went from $19.95 to $3? That is the best deal ever!

  13. Having not bought anything from Top Shelf before, I’ve now got 9 of their OGNs coming for me and my ever-dwindling spare time. Too excited and thanks for posting the notice, Josh.

  14. @Josh: You liked Trenches? Please explain.

  15. I honestly don’t remember.  I do remember Conor hated it, so there’s your balance.

  16. Fantastic find! Even with the really high shipping rates to Canada, that still worked out to be a great deal, and that almost NEVER happens. Ordered about 8 books, can’t wait to try them all out. Most I had never heard of before (except for "The King" which I’m glad I finially will get a chance to read).

  17. For those interested in the Jeff Lemire Essex County Collection, they have the $50 hardcover on sale for $30 bones as well.  That’s a fantastic deal!


  19. Any other recommendations?

  20. Liz Prince and Renee French are solid choices, The King for 3 dollars? Unstoppable. Those Jeffry Brown books are varying degrees of great.

    Me, I just dropped WAY more money than I have. <3 Top Shelf.

  21. Anyone read Barefoot Serpent?