Top Gun 2 to Push Nemesis?

This will end up being about comics, but it might take a second, OK? It's also totally a rumor, but I find it funny.

You know that Tony Scott is attached to direct the movie adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's Nemesis, right? 

It turns out that Millar isn't the only girl Scott is courting to the ball.  He's got a few other projects in the churn, but then this thing happened with Tom Cruise.  Paramount's been trying to get Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott to do a Top Gun sequel, because the 80's are new again (see Wall Street 2).  Christopher McQuarrie (who is awesome) has been approached to write the thing. This is notable because Tom Cruise works with McQuarrie pretty closely, and if he's on board, chances are that Cruise is too, and if he is, well, that's a goldmine waiting to be dug up.

And Mark Millar and Nemesis would just have to wait. Luckily, the Scottish writer has plenty of other things going on between sequels to movies he already made, a magazine, and I suppose some comics here and there.

"We were inverted."


  1. *cough*bullshit*cough*

  2. From the tweet for this article I thought you were gonna tell me Tom Cruise was gonna start writing comics.

  3. I’d rather see TOP GUN 2.

  4. I don’t know. Top Gun won’t have that thing with the booby-trap womb bomb. Probably.

  5. " I suppose some comics here and there."

    24 issues of Ultimate Avengers.  Really?  Superior, Kick-Ass 2, Nemesis.

  6. This is shocking, but you’ve misread the context. I’m suggesting that he’s busy, doing a lot of things.

  7. So instead of making another shitty action movie, he is going to make a shitty sequel to the ‘greatest script of all time’: 

  8. I don’t want to see either of these movies, so my life remains unchanged by this news. But I’d sooner instant netflix Top Gun 2 on a rainy day than Nemesis. So take that for what it’s worth.

  9. What if Mark Millar wrote Top Gun 2?

  10. it will be interesting to see what role Shia LeBouf will play in Top Gun

  11. Top Gun 2 might be the only sequel I’ve heard about this decade that I can honestly say I have no desire to see it nor do I know anyone who was begging for it. Who was sitting around wondering what Maverick is doing these days? Do we really wanna see Tom Cruise as the tough veteran training a new recurit(chris pine probably) who reminds him of himself when he was young? I sure don’t.

  12. I assume the sequel to Top Gun is going to be a bunch of fat dudes in a dark room remotely piloting predator drones 

  13. I only want to see Top Gun 2 because I want to see who’s putting out cheques his ass can’t handle…and because someone will have certainly lost that loving feeling.

  14. @leigh:  LOL.  That lil guy ruins sequels.  Horrid flashbacks to the Crystal Skull

  15. Is Goose going to be in the sequel?

  16. If Top Gun 2 is made then it will be a comedy. Only because we get to laugh at how far down Tom Cruise’s career has went. 

  17. 1. Obtain time machine

    2. Travel to mid-1980’s

    3. Whack Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise

  18. @Josh – Sorry man. Was just using as context the past articles and podcasts when you’ve actually said "Mark Millar doesn’t care about comics."  You know, when he averages 25-30 comics scripts per year.

  19. @KickAss writing 25-30 comics per year is not indicitive of caring about comics. I’m not saying that millar doen’t care about comics, but just because some one puts out the equivelent to 2 on goings doesn’t mean that he cares about comics. i am sure that there are some comic book writers who are writing because it’s a job, not a passion.

  20. Honestly, at this point, Mark Millar doesn’t need to write comics if he didn’t want to. He loves comics, clearly, because there’s no other reason to do them.

  21. I assumed it was for the women.

  22. @Edward that’s brilliant.

  23. i try

  24. Honestly, I’ve been pushing for a sequel to Top Gun since I rediscovered it a few years ago. Yes, it’s corny and very much a product of the 80s, but it is so incredibly awesome as well (judge me if you will)

  25. @deezer – I feel the exact same way.

  26. I don’t remember much of the original film to be honest. But I do remember the hilarious (and shitty looking) cartoon parody on X-Play years ago. ‘Mongoose!’ was screamed at my house for a good couple of weeks.

    And that will be the only good thing about josh’s former employers I will admit to. 

  27. @deezer Top Gun rules. Don’t be ashamed. You aren’t alone. I’d love to see Top Gun 2. 

  28. "Honestly, at this point, Mark Millar doesn’t need to write comics if he didn’t want to. He loves comics, clearly, because there’s no other reason to do them."

    Besides the fact that it’s the only way he knows how to pitch his lucrative movies. Sorry industry apologist and big time insdider ;). I don’t buy it.

    Come on Josh. I love ya, bro. You’re by far the most rational, level-headed of the ifanboys, IMO. I really reaspect your take on books and enjoy your middle of the road approach. I like all 3 of you guys a good deal. And if I were to personally identify with one, it would be you, Mr. Flanagan. But come on now! How many podcasts ago was it that you ripped on Millar for writing his books with very little direction and leaving it all to the artist? Seriously man. Him using the comic book medium, one that he knows as an easy in to big money movies isn’t some amazingly sneaky approach that he can write off as "for the love of the game". The guy has mastered the high concept comic book. We all know this. He knows better than anyone else how to present a story in comic book form that appeals to studio execs. I’m sure he’s also very adept at selling his stories in hollywood meetings. His enthusiastic Irish jib-jab gets them every time. And that’s all good. Whatever works and gets the job done. I’m not going to hate on being successful at what he sets out to do. But I don’t buy this "Mark Millar is making comics 100% because he loves the art form," nonsense. Just my own take. But if he knew an easier way to pitch his multi-million $ movie ventures, he’d do it. But comics are what he knows. And they are what has been proven to work for him. Therefore we get the 5 issue minis that get greenlit 2 issues in. It’s all good. Like it if you want. But let’s safe the righteous slob knobbing for those who deserve it.

  29. Post-edit. "Scottish-jib jab." Not Irish. Dur.

    The ifanboy comment system could really benefit from an edit function. Given that many of us are overly compulsive. I think it would be very helpful. 😉

  30. @j206: Josh did’t rip Milar for writing his books with very little direction and leaving it all to the artist. That was Ron. Josh didn’t read NEMESIS.

  31. At the end of the day it makes more financial sense and is less risk adverse to make Top Gun sequel than new IP.  Also, I think the data on the MiG is inacurate.

  32. So Millar says to Hollywood, "Where’d Scott go?" Hollywood says, "Where’d who go?"