Top 5: Times Red Hulk Got Punched; Punched Someone Else

If there's one thing you can count on when Red Hulk comes around it's punching. And lots of it.

5. Red Hulk punches backhands Wolverine

This is probably my favorite sight gag in all of comics. It's something that can't be replicated on film: the moment frozen in time that is both wonderous and funny.

4. Hulk punches Red Hulk

I also like the "punched so hard that their back arched so much and now it looks like they've got no head" gag.

3. She Hulk punches Red Hulk

In the movie version, Red Hulk will have to be played by Owen Wilson.

2. Hulk punches Red Hulk (again)

When The Hulk gets really mad he punches so hard that it throws the art out of alignment.

1. Red Hulk punches The Watcher

Having first heard about this moment when Ron described it on the show I scoffed. But then I actually read the book and contextually it fit perfectly within the vibe of the story. A whole vibe captured in one punch.


  1. I think I stopped reading the series immediately after the Red Hulk punched The Watcher.  I think I actually put the book down after reading that page and never finished it.  I’m glad a number of people enjoy the book, but I think I realized then that I wasn’t one of them.

  2. I can understand why some people didn’t like the Red Hulk punching the Watcher. I, for one, think that it’s one of the funniest things that’s ever happened to anyone, ever. Glad somebody finally shut that hypocritical chatty Kathy up, but good!

  3. @stuclach: I dropped the book too but for different reasons. I thought Red Hulk punching the Watcher was very absurd but I still chuckled. I stopped reading because I was tired of the drag out of who the Red Hulk was.

  4. I’m sorry but:

    "Hulk fought for love, You fought for hate, Hulk SMASH hate"

    is fantastic dialog.  I’m serious.

  5. @CaseyJustice – I have no love for The Watcher and don’t mind him getting punched in the face. I think what bothered me was the absurdity of everything in the book and the Watcher punch simply pushed me over the edge.  I enjoy absurdity when it is done well, but this wasn’t working for me. 

    @JesTr – That was irritating, too.

  6. Punching is the best thing about Hulk books. When the Hulk doesn’t hit anything (see Ang Lee’s Hulk movie), it’s just not fun.

  7. For some reason the punching list was way more entertaining than I remember the books. I may give this another try in trades. Art was always awesome.

  8. @APG – Yeah it was! McGuinnes, Adams, Churchill. Can’t beat a line up like that with a red pimp-slap.

  9. Wait Hulk punched the fucking WATCHER? I sort of want to read this now. I stopped after the X-Force arc.

  10. @Dan – You have the Hulk movie mixed up with "Superman Returns."  Burn.

  11. @KickAss:

    You’re only allowed to do that when its an actual burn.

    Like right now.


    Its implied!

  12. I never stopped reading it, being a bit of a Hulk-a-holic, but the Loeb run failed for me because it couldn’t decide what it was: absurd punching silliness or serious attempt at an in continuity mystery with significant ramifications for the character of the Hulk. Loeb tried to walk the line between and (for me) made neither work. Nothing made any sense. What also really got me was that whatever the joke was, it didn’t really make me laugh. Hulk Smash hate? You made me look bad in front of girlfriends? I cringed. Loeb also quite blantantly pulled every marketing-driven, cross-over BS he could think of out of his butt and on to the page. Red She-Hulk? A team of Deadpool, Elektra, Thundra, and the Punisher vs. red-eyed X-force made sense at all, but surely with that roster there is somebody in there someone has to buy,  right? And as a final gripe, while I really liked McGuiness’s art, a bunch of the Hulk run seemed to have panel counts of only 22, being 50% splash pages, may of which being two page splashes. When he deigned to design a page with actual panels there were almost never more than 3. That is not good sequential art, in my opinion.

  13. I started reading Fall Of Hulks and World War Hulks, and I’m surprised how much I like it and how well structured it is. I’m actually very curious to see how it ends.

    But yeah, I love these wonderful moments of crazy violence.

  14. Hulk Smash Hate… classic! 😀

  15. This was the GREATEST post ever. EVER!

  16. I jumped on to the Hulk train a little late but have enjoyed it. I had to go back and pick up the issue with Watcher getting punched. Who hasn’t wanted to see that? I must be easy to please. I’m not a Loeb hater either. As far as whether or not it’s good sequential art? Yeah, I’m not counting panels to see if it’s good story telling  or not.

  17. I love that the Watcher got punched.  Its so wrong and basically shows that Red Hulk is a bastard you can hate.

  18. When I read a comic in 4 minutes I take note of the panels. I feel cheated, as it clearly takes less time to do a splash page with only one composition than one with 5 or six different panels. And three spash pages in a row is not sequential art, in my book. A splash losees all impact if half the pages are splash pages.

  19. @JimBilly I have to give you credit if you stuck with it and haven’t enjoyed it..the run has been long and to feel cheated based on a formula that they have continued to do for how many issues?.., you may be a Hulk-a-holic. They might have meetings for that.