Top 5: Man-Thing Appearances in Sunday Comic Strips










  2. That’s just wrong lol Speaking of Sunday comics, did anyone else notice Sunday’s Funky Winkerbean?

  3. I love this. My favorite is the Lockhorns.

  4. This is pretty spectacular. Great job, Paul.

    Come on, Mr. Man-Thing. Kill Jeffy! That kid hasn’t aged in 50 years. He’s obviously some sort of evil vampire. Kill him!

  5. @JeffR Looks like Jeffy Let the Wrong One In!

     Also, never noticed Man-Thing’s resemblence to Cthulhu before now…

  6. I hate Family Circus, but Man-Thing makes it better.

  7. The Man-thing in the Kathy strip has the saddest eyes in the world

  8. Needs more Man-Thingaduke

  9. This…this is just the best.

  10. @JeffR A couple years ago, Pearls Before Swine did a weeklong series featuring the "grown-up" Family Circus kids. They were all kinda white trashy and still living at home… Good stuff.

  11. Awesome.  

  12. @MasterShaw I can see that. The FAMILY CIRCUS bunch does seem more ripe for ridicule than many other strips.

  13. Holy shit.

  14. The hell?……That Family Circus one really scared the hell out of me.